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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Road Uncertainties

The Starex van and Toyota Vios damaged by the fallen
tree were still in the site, creating heavy traffic jam from
both lanes.
It's been raining since last night, so upon going to work today I was expecting muddy roads and possible slow moving lanes due to vehicle congestion.  But it was more than I expected, upon reaching the downhill part of the Diversion road going to Matina Pangi, I encountered an accident  caused by nature (debatable).  Due to the heavy rains, the soil might have loosen and with the strong winds, a tree fell down on vehicles from both lanes.

Unlucky for them you may say, but on the contrary, they were so blessed that none of them suffered great loss.  They may had a damaged car, but that can be replaced.  They may had minor injuries, at least not something permanent.  You may look at it this way... at least they're alive... What if you're riding a motorcycle or a bike and you got hit by that tree ?  Or  if you're riding a car or even a truck but instead of a tree, a plane or a meteor crashed on you... most likely that would make an unbearable outcome, don't you think?  So thank you Yahweh that you still blessed these people... and you never lost hope in your people... You remind us always to take care and not abuse our surroundings... and most of all, that we don't have control on everything.  Yahweh bless us all.
911 rescuers doing their jobs to immediately remove the obstacles.


  1. ahhh such scenes are common here in India too... when it rains specially in rural areas, its all muddy and messed up.

  2. Hey, sir Ralph are a Davaoeño?

  3. @jyoti: maybe its the only way mother nature can tell us to take care of her... to avoid these extreme calamities we are experiencing today.

    @bennix: yes, me and my family reside here.

  4. hahaha.Were so very close here...:)