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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Keeping the Summer Heat Going in June

My wife asked me to accompany her in their unit's summer outing.  I also wanted to check the place since I've never been there.  Our destination claimed to be the only resort inside a banana plantation as very apparent in their name "Banana Beach".  It is located in Tagum City, more or less we drove for an hour from Davao before reaching the resort.  We paid Php 880 each, inclusive of a cottage, a tour around the resort, use of their pool and a lunch buffet.

By the pool centerpiece =)
Upon arrival, we lazed under their cottages just getting the feel first of the site.  We then took a short tour around the place... in their gray-sand beach, infinity pool and guesthouses where we took some pics.  The pool was very tempting, everyone was so excited to take a dip in the pool but we had to wait since we were already scheduled for the tour after our lunch.
Waiting for the coconut to fall... lol.
Pa-effect... hehe
Stairs to e-walk.
Then came our tour...  Our guide related to us  the brief history of the place and what were to be expected of the trip.  There you could see not only a plantation of bananas but hectares of coconut trees (should be named banana-coconut beach as we jokingly said)... Until we came to our first stop.  It was a series of hanging bridges attached to a century-old (I assumed) Dahao trees.  They called it e-walk or elevated walk.  The atmosphere was humid considering it was in the middle of the forest and its around 1:00 pm, but we enjoyed every moment taking pictures with the wild vegetation and at the same time having the pleasure of being with nature.  We were also creeping and keeping our voices low so as not to disturb and scare off the wild animals and get the chance to see them.  The walk ended at a part of Madaum River and along the way were tracks of wild pigs, but we never got a chance to see one there.  However, if the wild pigs were that afraid not "Dagul", a well-known male monkey among the resort employees... busy eating scattered bananas along the way.  We also saw different species of birds and lizards in their proud virgin mangrove forest... Then we arrived in our next destination... The Spot... there we took another couple of hundreds of pictures... haha.  They said its a place where guests can go on fishing or taking a lot of pics (LOL).
One of the many hanging bridges...
A pose along Madaum River...
One huge Dahao tree!!!
Our ride during the tour.
That's Dagul, the monkey at the back... not me (lol)
The fun never stopped...

Then as the tour ended, everyone was already impatient to cool down in the pool (at last)... They served various fruit shakes which you can enjoy in a counter in the middle of the pool... cool eh.  Then they served us with a unique (for me) dessert, its a frozen ripe banana dipped in chocolate and caramel... yummy.  We enjoyed the rest of the day in the pool and after we had our light merienda, we went straight to Davao's Tita D'z for another boodle fight... hahaha. And at the end of the day I thank Yahweh for all His graces and protection... and for an overall wonderful day.  That all folks ;)



  1. Nicely done. I enjoyed taking this "virtual" tour with you. I saw that you visited my blog, so stopped to check this out. I am following now and will be back again :-)

  2. Looks like you enjoyed yourself, great pictures. Did you get to enjoy the fresh coconuts?

    Check out my latest blog and follow me.

    Thanks, Marie

  3. Looks so fun. Great pictures.
    Would love to be there.

  4. Hello Ralph, I enjoy reading this article and you have a nice pics here kaya lang bakit mo nilagyan ng watermark sa gitna na-disbeauty tuloy. I like also the dwarf coco....:)

  5. @Jyoti, Teresa, Marie, Jennie and Bennix... thank you guys for the wonderful comments... Ben, I'm putting watermark to the pics so as not to be used by others... but taking your observation, you'll see that in my latest post, watermarks were already in the sides. thanks. Yahweh bless.

  6. ganda ng place... ^_____________^


  7. funny hahhaha your post for the waiting for the coconut to fall.. Hope you could visit me here Wifey Online Diary