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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Planting for the Future

I feel glad to be invited and part of the tree planting activity held in one of our company's vicinity.  It was a joint effort, along with the local government groups and private sectors, in doing our responsibility to the environment.  If this activity continues to be a success, we will have thousands of fruit bearing and hardwood trees... to benefit not only the local community but us all.  Since the trees were planted near the river banks and creeks, it can help protect its water from running dry thus providing shelter and ideal ecosystem to our wild animals.  Also, as an effect, it will increase the level of our fresh water reservoir that will accommodate the growing population.

As I mentioned this to my wife, we came up with some ideas and aspirations... that someday, we hope that each person should have his/her own tree planted and it will be part of their certification as being a member of a community or citizen of a country.  Also, our nations should have a protected area which any logging activity and littering is strictly prohibited and violators will be highly penalized by law.  But that's to good to be true, until such time comes (with high hopes), let us do our part... in own little ways, we know that can save nature... that can help keep what we are enjoying free and abundant today... that can help protect our very existence.  May Yahweh bless us all.

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  1. Excellent!! What a fun activity to participate in..and you are are giving back to your environment and taking care of the earth! Bravo!! Cheers, Jenn.