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Friday, June 10, 2011

Mavs Taking the Lead from Heat

Game 5: Dallas won against Miami 112-103
It's been a while since I found interest to watch and follow the NBA finals.  My team back then was Chicago Bulls when Michael Jordan was still playing.  For the past years, I seldom watch the NBA since it was just dominated by a few teams.  But now, the Mavs is against the Heat for the NBA championship.  And they are evenly matched, though Miami does have more famous players, but with their  previous 5 games, there wasn't any dominating lead... And that makes their games even more interesting to watch.

The Dallas Mavericks now leads the best of 7 finals (3-2).  Heat will be having the home court advantage for the last two games.  No one can say, it's a sure win for the Heats since the Mavericks already had beaten them in their home court.  If you ask me who do I favor, honestly, I want Dallas to win because they haven't won any championship yet and its the best gift for their soon to be retiring players.  Lebron, Wade and the rest of the Heat are still young.  They will still have a lot of chances for the crown... and with their players, I'm positive. Yahweh bless.


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