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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Enoi

Everyday I see you in my life
Never had I  any moment I've regret
On that day I first laid my eyes on you
It was the start  I never stopped loving you 

My only longing is to be forever
   be my partner and friend in life
Your presence, your care, your love
   makes my life worthwhile...

One thing I wish for you today
Now we're celebrating this special day
Lasting happiness with your heart's content
Years be filled with Yahweh's grace

Listening to our angels' cheerful voices
Only reminds me of the love we shared 
Vivid thoughts in your natal day 
Each and every moment, I thank Him for you.

Happy Birthday, my Enoi.  We love you so much, mommy... I fervently pray that Yahweh bless you with the things you needed most...
Gathering around our birthday girl.