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Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools’ Reception Day

This is one of the days I’ll never forget.  Not because of a prank but because of an experience I had... It was April 01, 1995, when I and my classmates left V. Luna for Baguio.  It’s our “Reception Day” and we will be welcomed by our upperclassmen in the Borromeo field... we will be the PMA class of 1999.  We marched towards the field and upon reaching it; we faced our upperclassmen... and I thought I was prepared for everything... I was wrong.

Everything happened very fast, our yearlings came rushing towards us, shouting our names.  We were segregated by squads, asked to perform several kinds of exercises and tasks one after another.  I temporary lost my sight that day... I really didn’t know why, but maybe it was because of the sudden rush of heat to my head... I just regained it when we  already had our haircut... what style?  It’s for you to find out. (LOL)

The last day of civilian life...
Then we were issued  our first set of GI goods, and then we proceeded to our designated quarters. That was just the beginning of the first day of my cadet life... On April Fools‘ Day... I guess that's the trick there, I  expected  it to be tough...but I was wrong,  I should have expected  the worst.  Lesson learned the hard way, but that's the beauty of it... it's something I can proudly say  I conquered.

Our Class Pendant
Congratulations to those who survived the reception... still a long way to go, so good luck.  A piece of advice, take a day at a time and before you knew it... it's already recognition day.  So just think of this day as one of your accomplishments you'll be proud of in your life.  God bless.


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