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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

God Saved Me Twice Today

First, I was talking with a company guard about this new alloy dipstick I bought for my motorcycle.  I removed it to show it to him, when we noticed that the dipstick was already loosen from its tip.  So instead of screwing it back... I decided to remove the dipstick completely.  Good thing we noticed that because a couple of humps or vibrations more would definitely separate the dipstick from its tip, then the least of my concern would be my engine be totally damaged... because it could cost me my life... if it happen when I'm already on the road.

BE CAREFUL in buying motorcycle accessories.  As illustrated, the dipstick is just screwed
from its tip which can easily loosen by the motorcycle vibration.

Second, on my way home, I passed by a store and bought some stones for our house garden.  While riding my motorcycle, I noticed that I can hardly balanced it.  So I stopped and I saw sack of stones was hanging on one side of my bike... it was not properly tied up by the vendor.  Good thing it did not dropped on the road or I'll be picking up stones in the highway.

I believe there are moments where God saves us from unforeseen events in our lives... and I believe I was saved by God today not twice but countless.  Thank you Lord...

The agreed supreme walks before the pretended governor.


  1. God's grace is wonderful. I don't post much about my faith. But I do direct a little children's choir at church. I am a retired musician. But one little girl's want to be able to sing brought me back out of my hiding place. She is deaf and she wants to sing. I could not say no. So, here I am serving in a totally different way. Its too bad we are so many states apart. It would be fun just to sing His praise with you and your family. Peace to you

  2. Indeed... who knows we might. Everything is possible for Him.

    God really finds way to touch us when it most needed... and it comes from different places... in different ways and nature... we just need to open not only our eyes but also our hearts and minds to it...

    thanks for the comment... nicest one I ever had... really appreciate the thought. God bless.