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Friday, April 15, 2011

And She Turns Eight

How time flies, it's just like yesterday when I had my first glance of you. You were born at exactly 8:08 AM. Back then, I was just looking at you through the nursery window, eagerly waiting to hold you in my arms.  And I kept on doing that until now... I'll never get tired holding you near me, and I guess, I never will.

You overwhelm us with happiness my dear.. Your innocent laughter, your very honest reasons, your  kind and thoughtful heart, the way you care for your little brother, your charm and beauty..You  just make our hearts swell with joy and pride.
Happy birthday, anak.

Enjoying her gifts...

Our beautiful birthday girl...

Our little princess had grown so fast...You're eight now, still the princess and love of our lives.  That's what you are and you'll always be.  Please take your time growing up, no need to hurry. Enjoy your childhood .. Play out under the sun or under the rain.  Be happy.

You just don't know how I thank God, everyday, that He gave you to us.  Happy Birthday, our dearest Rael. We love you very much sweetie...  God bless.

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