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Sunday, April 24, 2011

My New Timepiece

I had been eying this Puma watch I saw in Gensan since the last time we’ve been there.  But I always ask my wife’s opinion, since I also believe in her taste.  I want something comfortable to wear while riding my motorcycle and at the same time, endure the vibration of the ride.  So, I chose a digital over analogue.

My wife told me if I like it I can buy it, to replace my old watch.  I didn’t buy it back then since it wasn’t a priority and it cost much for me.  And I also want to make sure if it’s the best price in the market.  So done some asking from friends here and abroad... and it’s a good deal (considering the freight and discounts given).  But still it wasn’t a necessity and besides someone might already bought it.

But just recently, when I spent the Holy Week and my birthday in Gensan, my wife asked me if I still wanted to buy the watch.  I just told her it cost much.  She told me to buy it for my birthday and well the cost, it’ll just pass by.  So, I decided, that if it is still there I’ll buy it.  And it's really for me...  with the discount and more, how can I resist?  Thank you God.

My new watch with all the perks.


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