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Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Twart...

Were 8 years now, seems like it was just a year ago... congratulations to both of us.  Each and every day I’m with you is remarkable.  Through the ups and downs, you’re always by my side, in support... and I’ll be unto you.  Though life might be hard at times and things might not be as we planned them to be... things will be better and I know God has something more... much more in stored for us... so no worries.

You and the kids never stop to amaze me.  As the years pass by, I’m loving you more and more.  I really can’t help myself, you and the kids are my life... my treasure... I will cherish all my life.

Sweet nothings... just loving you.
I can never find someone else more lovely, thoughtful, caring and very responsible as you are.  Every day I thank God for giving me both a wife and a friend... and I can never ask for more.  I love you so much... God bless.


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