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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Road Safety

Here are some of the many tips to avoid accident and getting safely to our destination.  I know most of us are aware of these... but sometimes there is still a need to be reminded.  So please go through and read, it’ll help a lot.

Take the Necessary Precautions.  Before driving, see to it that you are fit to drive and your vehicle is in good condition.  Check the brakes, oil, lights, etc., wear your glasses and protective gears (i.e. helmet), take your medicines and do the things you needed to do to have a hassle free ride.

The Highway Isn’t a Racetrack.  Unlike the racetrack, the road doesn’t have a controlled environment.  It does not have an emergency medic group, standing by in case an accident happens, it does not have pedestrians walking on the tracks, it does not have an opposite lane for vehicles going the opposite direction.  Unlike in a highway, in a racetrack all the vehicles know they are racing.... I can cite a lot more difference but these are just to set a few examples.  Don’t be “very brave”... there are no winners in racing on a highway.

When You’re Late, You’re Late.  Always keep in mind, that driving really fast is not the solution in getting on time... the only way is to wake up and go to work or school early to avoid the rush hour.  Come to think of it, if all people do that then there won’t be a rush hour... but the world isn’t perfect (LOL).

Keep Your Eyes on the Road.  Focus on your driving and on the road, eyes in front and look at your side and rear view mirrors when only needed.  It’s not the proper time and place to flirt on girls or brag about your ride or read text messages on your phone.  If you need to do something urgently while driving... better stop and bring your vehicle in a safe zone.

Don’t Drink and Drive.  Self discipline, if you know you’re driving, don’t drink alcohol.  If you can’t resist or have no choice, better leave your car or motorcycle and take a taxi or jeepney.  Or better leave your vehicle at home in the first place... believe me, you’ll have a good party and you can drink all you want.

Obey Traffic Rules.  These rules aren't made to make your driving life miserable, it is made to keep you safe while driving.  Violating these rules will only create problems with the traffic enforcers.  And God forbid, might result to an accident.

Be Obvious.  Better exaggerate than regret.  Use your signal lights, your head and tail lights.  Use hand signals, you’ll never know if your lights are working properly. And use your horn, make noise if needed, it’s what they are made for.

Practice Humility. Keep your head cool.  We make things we regret if we decide while we are irritated or annoyed.  There’s no harm in forgiving, more it can get you out of trouble.

Pray.  Nothing is more powerful than a prayer to God.  You have no control over all things especially on other drivers and nature itself.  So have a prayer for guidance and protection.

Just remember to be always safe in driving.  We have that responsibility to our family and the family of everyone we meet along the road.  God bless.


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  2. What do you think is the most important thing for drivers to remember when they are driving a car?

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I drive myself to and from everywhere. Haha! I tend to cram when I'm late. Can't help it e. Haha!

  4. I have to remind myself to keep all these in mind when I travel.:)

  5. Thanks for sharing this! Yung iba kasi, akala nila sila ang hari ng daan. O___O

  6. Pray is the first thing to do and all the rest should be strictly follow .I am guilty of driving too fast and hubby always reminds me of the seed limit.I remember ,I almost had an accident because of this.

  7. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips about Road safety . Drinking and Driving is the most common cause of accidents and therefore there should be heavy fines for persons caught in the act

  8. Great share! It's always better to be safe.. :)

  9. Nice read..:)

    like the "When You’re Late, You’re Late".. kekeke..

  10. It's really better to be SAFE than SORRY.
    Good tips here. But we always PRAY before going anywhere.
    HIS guidance is what we need all the time.