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Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting A Home Nowadays

When I was little, I often heard my parents having trouble in paying up bills such as water, electricity and school fees, food, our allowances and a lot more... but never with their housing loan.  It was just by the time I was already working when they imparted to me how big it had became since they cannot pay it on time being it last among the priorities.  

So why do people actually take home loans?  The answer is quite simple...  A shelter is one of our basic needs... no question about it... but being a common employee or worker, it can cost a lifetime salary.  So you definitely need a financing company or bank to lend you outright cash for a house within the range of your budget.  But living in the real world, the cost of basic commodities increase drastically while the salary merely does, We tend to prioritize what we need most like food and disregard those last in line like debts and loans, thus we’re faced with similar problem of not being able to cope up with our monthly installments which starts to pile up due to surcharges from not being paid on time.  Then the monthly installments start to be a burden and if not given solution to, might endanger the investment you’ve made and might eventually lead to the repossession of your house.  Herein comes the role of refinance home loans.

Refinancing home loan simply means replacing an existing debt obligation with a debt obligation under different terms.  Thus it gives the incumbent the ability to get installments computed according to the capacity of their resources and terms they can cope up with.  Though reducing the monthly repayment amount will result in having a much longer term and that the person who is switching the lenders have to give about a percentage of the total amount of money loaned to the refinance company in order to get refinanced. The person still has a lot to cheer about, the person can now get a better management of his credit and finances, he now has a finance system that fits him and gets assured that he is able to pay the existing mortgages this time around.

It’s how my parents went through with having our home and now it’s fully paid.  To Yahweh be the glory as always.


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