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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Being Sick

My daughter was already discharged from the hospital last Friday, though dengue was not ruled out  as the cause of her fever..she's still under observation since she's not yet fully recovered... still praise Yahweh!!!  

I had a high grade fever which started last Sunday... my wife had hers a day or two earlier.  I guess my resistance wasn't that strong enough... and that's the price of  having very sweet children who like being near us all the time, who hug you at the back while you're sitting down and cough and sneeze right at your face... who kiss you  goodnight  and want you to hug them til they fall to sleep... making  it no challenge for the virus to find its way to us.  Taking precautionary measures like masks and vitamins... yes.  But to my children who are showing their affection, never will I resist.

I hate being sick, it's an awful feeling... I can't function well... I rested the whole Monday... had to take antibiotics and increase my fluid intake, to recover quickly... and though still feverish, I went to work by Tuesday... How I wish I hadn't done that... I felt weak the whole time and headaches made it worse. Until now... I still feel my body struggling to recover.  I should not have forced it to travel 80 kms... I should have rested... I guess I just have to face the consequences of my actions and make decisions wisely the next time around.  My wife keeps on telling me that the abuses we make to our body will just come back to us as we age.  Just hope it's not yet too late.

I pray for wellness for all who are sick... and health for those who are well.  May Yahweh bless us all.


  1. My prayer is for you to feel better soon.

  2. thanks... I am now... Yahweh bless you.