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Monday, August 8, 2011

Kids and Holes

My wife told me today that she brought the kids to the doctor for a check-up... and for a solution to a problem made by my 3 year old son to his ear.  What happened? Well, as she was cleaning our son's ear she noticed that something hard was blocking it.  Using a flashlight, there she saw the culprit... it was one of those small beads used by our daughter in making her bracelets.  Wow... what's with this fascination or curiosity with kids putting objects inside their nose, mouth or ears?  The worst...

The doctor said that good thing it was not pushed further, because if it had, our son will be admitted and be put to sleep just to remove the foreign object in his ear.  Thanks to Yahweh... everything went well.

So upon arriving home... I had a short chat with my son, and told him how dangerous it is to put object inside his body especially in his eyes, nose, mouth and ears... I saw how sorry he was for what he had done... I knew he understood, I just hope he'll never forget that he agreed not to do it again.  As a precaution, I already asked his sister to keep her stuff beyond the reach of her brother, since being his "ate", she should also be responsible enough for her brother's welfare... and we had an agreement.

Accidents do happen and we can't be there for our kids 24/7... but still as parents, they will always be our responsibility... and we should always be looking and on guard of them in every second possible.  What I pray is that He bless and guide each one of us the ability to do so and protect our children in moments that we are not looking.  To Yahweh be the glory.


  1. Kids will do the strangest things at times. I have five children and if my eyes are on two...the other three are probably doing something crazy. But--your prayer--is beautiful. I think when we have incidents like these--where it is a bit scary but no harm done--they are great lessons for the kids to learn and ones they don't easily forget. These become those 'teachable moments' us parents love. CHeers, Jenn

  2. Reminded me of the song..."talk a little louder I've got beans in my ears"....too funny! Kids stick all sorts of things in their ears and up their nose...good luck with this one..

  3. @jenn... I coudn't agree more... you've got 5, wow how do you do it? my salute and all praises to you... prayer and faith are something we can hold on to ;)

    @humor after 50... funny but sensible... you've made me laugh at the same time think... thanks. =)