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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dengue Scare the Second Time Around

Two years ago, and the memory is still fresh, when my daughter was confined in the hospital due to that pest called dengue...  it scared me a lot back then since my daughter’s platelet count dropped and my wife was telling me that it wasn’t good. Things went worse when  my daughter continued to vomit her food and fluid intakes.  I was already pleading to my daughter to help herself and I made all efforts to make her understand what threatens her life.  She already reached a critical point where she needed to be transmitted with plasma... and more; a medicine  was dripped through her IV to increase her blood pressure because it was consistently low.It even came to a point when her doctor had to check her pulse every hour. I new then that her condition was getting worse. I was praying and asking Yahweh for His mercy, to give her the strength she needs and to make her well again... I also prayed that He will give us the needed strength to show our daughter that everything will be alright...  He heard us ,she slowly regained her strength, her vital signs slowly became stable, and she didn't have any bleeding episodes. Our daughter fought bravely and she got well.

And now, I’m again faced with the same dilemma... my daughter had a fever since last Saturday.  We had her checked last Monday just to make sure but the result wasn’t good... her platelet count was 190.  So the doctor recommended for another test by Tuesday, to our dismay it dropped to 150.  We talked to the doctor, he said that it’s the characteristic of a dengue case or possible systemic viral infection.  So we were advised by our pedia to admit our daughter in the hospital.  Double the trauma, the doctor told us that a second dengue infection would be a lot worse than the first one, though our daughter is already 8 years old... we just can’t help ourselves but worry.  We are again faced in this situation, but I know that Yahweh is with us... and He won’t give us something we can’t handle... We just hope and pray that her condition and lab results won’t worsen and we could already go back home knowing everything is all fine... Please help us pray for our daughter... thank you and Yahweh bless


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