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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

360 Degrees

Guys, check this out... lyrics made by my wife... Enoi.

I hated my life back then...
didn't care if I die,
didn't have anyone to leave behind
I always had a death wish.....
or maybe, I just felt like my life isn't worth living...
I'm a piece of junk...rotten and nobody

But one fateful day....
I accidentally bumped an angel....
a goddess is more like it
I couldn't believe my eyes
I couldn't calm myself

you turned my life around....
360 degrees
you woke my soul up
from long and lonely sleep
now I'm ready to live again
this fate i so hated
because you turned my life around
360 degrees

I was a lonely soul
lost to all my bitterness
ready to give up all
cause there's just nothing so special
nothing worth keeping

(repeat refrain)
(repeat chorus)

I never thought you would take me
accept this bitter and lonely soul
I never dreamed of having you
for someone so cold and empty as me
but baby...
(repeat chorus)

Nice one, Noi... Very proud of you and all praises... Love you. Yahweh bless.


  1. Your wife's past is too painful. I mean just by the words she used in this piece. Enoi is a weird name for a women though.

  2. Awww.. that's really sweet! Maybe you could record this into a song, and maybe share it to us readers soon? Would love to hear your wife's masterpiece. =)

  3. Beautiful! I love the message of the song. Hope I can hear how it sounds.

  4. nice one.. let's here it when it is paired with a melody..

  5. nice! make a song na! para madinig namin :)

  6. amazing lyrics... looking forward for the melody, if possible video na rin :)

  7. I agree with them. This would be better with a melody :D

  8. beautiful lyrics and i can imagine it being a song!
    you should work on the instrumentals for this one already, sir ralph.
    take care. :)

  9. As I read the lyrics, I feel strengthened and have my faith in good bring back to life. It touches me so much! Very good composition so keep it up!

  10. Feeling SENTI?
    Getting CORNY!
    Is this a song?
    NO! I think it's what you feel right now...
    It's what inside your HEART... in your MIND
    and in your SOUL.