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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thank You Manny Pacquiao

If there is something I'm proud of being a Filipino... one of them will be Manny Pacquiao.  He had not only made a spectacular and unmatched boxing career and changed the world boxing history of becoming an eight division world champion, winning 10 world titles below him... he had also put the Philippines in the world map.  Because of him, I heard a lot of Filipinos around the world now speaking of their being a Filipino or having Filipino blood.  The world watched every match he wins which brought honor to our country.  And  every match he made united us, making every Filipino stop for a while (even the crime rates in all parts of the country falls down and there were no encounters between the military and the anti-government forces).  I may conclude I'm not the only one proud. Truly worthy of being the "Pambansang Kamao".

Emmanuel "Manny" Dapidran Pacquiao
Because of him, people around the world are beginning to see us Filipinos... recognizing us in different fields... treating us with respect and high regards.  This is because Manny represented us all, very down to earth, God-fearing and shown true sportsmanship in his fights.  You seldom hear Manny bragging about himself nor throwing cruel or harsh words to his opponents.  That only shows a person with good breeding, he may not have good educational background during his childhood and adolescence but he's far better than those who might have master's or doctor's degree but have used it for their personal advantage and/or to favor/benefit a few corrupt, influential and power greedy persons. 

Before I again lose my focus on corruption, let me just thank the Pac-man.  It's a pride for us Filipinos having you and other great people who brings honor to our country.  You showed us, that if you just strive hard and put your focus in what you want, you can achieve anything... Pacquiao had made his way up to the boxing ladder... he earned his education... he reached what he dreamed of... he became an actor, a singer,  a true public servant (congressman)... most of all, the greatest boxer in history during his time... and he did these without stepping on anyone or at anyone's risk.  No matter what happens to your upcoming fights, we Filipinos will always be proud, what you did is already more than enough.  It just nice to think, that our country might have a hope after all.  May God bless our country with more people like Manny. 


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