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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Visiting The Family Dentist

We are so proud of our children, we  recently had our annual visit with our family dentist... it was the first time for our Justin, but he's a pro... he never had a problem in having his teeth cleaned... he was so behaved and even participative to the dentist.  Rael also made us proud by facing her fear... we told her that  she won't feel a thing if she let the dentist pull her molars...There was really a need to do it coz a couple of teeth were already coming out.  She listened and she bravely let the dentist took care of the rest.

After our teeth were fixed and cleaned out... and for the bravery, came the reward... we gave them a treat...a snack at their favorite snack house... and everyone's happy... and we still have to tell the tooth fairy (LOL)... God bless.

Having no problem at all...
My daughter's turn...


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