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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keep It Up, Girl... We're Proud of You

We are blessed with smart children, our daughter just finished grade 2 with a silver medal and ribbons of recognition.  She wasn't that studious, I seldom see her reading her books... more of seeing her watching cartoons on TV or playing with her friends.  She just opens her books and asks for our help during her long exams.  So I'm quite amazed she managed to land top 2 of her class.  However, what I observed about her is that she's a fast learner and she catch up with her lessons easily.  Even back then, I would sometimes reprimand her thinking she wasn't listening (because she does a lot of things while studying and makes you think her focus was not in what you're teaching her).  But if you ask her, you'll be surprised that she knows the answer.

By popular demand (LOL)

With pride...

Her academic recognitions...
To our Rael, keep up on what you are doing with your studies... we are proud of what you have accomplished.  Congratulations, anak.  May God bless you with the wisdom you need and guide you with a kind heart.


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