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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Plants Vs. Zombies (PVZ)

My daughter and I really love playing PVZ.  I asked her why? And she said she loves taking care of the plants in the “Zen garden”.  Me, I don’t know why.  It does not contain any sophisticated graphics and nothing really special.  Maybe it is because, it is easy and doesn’t need too much analysis since as you begin the game you’re constantly being guided by this weird guy named “Crazy Dave”.  And also, it brings out the child in me… lol.  Well, that’s what games are for… fun and pastime.  Anyway, if you’re just starting to play PVZ, I want to share with you some tips and basics of the game:
§  The main objective of the game is to eliminate the zombies before they get inside your house, using selected plants for defense and offense.  Except the puzzle game where you played the zombies.
§  Listen to Crazy Dave’s instruction, he might be crazy but he knows the game more than anyone else.
§  At first, you need to play the “Adventure” game before you unlock the other games, namely; mini games, puzzle and survival.
§  You need to plant “sunflowers” to produce sunlight, though at day there is sunlight but it’s not enough and as fast as when sunflowers produce it.  Also, I highly recommend you occupy 2 columns of your yard for your sunflower.
§  You can’t use mushroom type plants during daytime. They would just sleep, unless you have a “coffee bean”.
Sun-shroom”  is best used at night to produce sunlight.  It's a lot cheaper.
§  Put the defense type plants in front, short range in the middle and long range at the back (nearest your house.
§  The “magnet-shroom” can best be used against zombies wearing or using metal.
§  The “tall nut” is not only tough but also reliable in blocking jumping zombies and “zombotany”.
§  The “blover and cactus” are both offense and defense for balloon zombies.  “Cherrie bomb and jalapeno” can also be used to eliminate them.
§  Spike weed” and its upgrade “Spike rock“are great defense for zombies using vehicles.  But the “umbrella leaf” is especially created for catapult and bungee zombies.
§  Torchwoods” doubles peas’ damage but eliminates “snow peas” freezing ability.
§  Split-peas” can be used to fire forward but especially created to fire backwards (twice the damage) for digger zombies.
§  Gifts are given during playing the game.  It goes to your “zen garden”.  You need a mushroom and aquarium garden for your mushrooms and aquatic plants, respectively.
§  Upgrades can be bought in “Crazy Dave’s” shop.  It may cost a lot, but it’s worth it and once bought, can be used though out the whole duration of the game.
§  In playing “whack a zombie” in mini-games, you may want your “grave buster” to remove the graves nearest you.  On the other hand, in playing “vasebreaker” puzzle game, start breaking vase farthest to you.
That all folks… I think that’s enough to get you started.  I won’t reveal everything; it’s up to you to find out the rest.  Enjoy playing. God bless…

Here's some screen shots...

 My Zen Garden

 Mushroom Garden

Aquarium Garden
Suggested Positioning for Bobshed Bonanza

Here's how the gift appears...

100th feet of the "Tree of Wisdom"and the daisies option is activated.

Sure win!!! LOL...


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