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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Global Warming: Should We be Concerned About It?

No, why should we be concerned about it.  We’re still okay, right?  Can you still breathe or live comfortably outside your house?  Yes?  Then why should you be concerned about it… Let the children of our children suffer what we have done today.  Will it affect us?  Do you experience harsh weather in your place like super typhoons, El Niño, La Niña, long drought that might have triggered a forest fire… or maybe a snow storm… or flooding?  If your answer is “No”, then you have nothing to worry about.  But nature doesn’t forget you know… we will have our turn.

To the governments, you have handled your nation pretty well… just keep on allowing the use of the destructive sources of energy… allow the registration of more brand new vehicles and throw the old ones to third world countries, their government will still find ways to register it there, so soon every household could have a car for each member…isn’t that convenient?  Will it worsen pollution? Hell no; a few million cars won’t seem to make a difference right?…It’s a shame but that’s how things are going lately. Our ultimate  accomplishment will be the destruction of  Earth… Who knows in the future our alien neighbors might want to follow our footsteps should they want to ruin their planet too. They might do the same in their planets, besides it’s already tested and proven effective.

To the big industries of the large continents of our world… don’t do anything… just keep up what you are doing… your doing just fine in increasing our global heat… the earth is still cool… you still have a couple of years more to do business here on earth… then if life can no longer exist here due to too much heat… you might need to find another galaxy to sell your products… but wait, if life no longer exist who will sell the products?  Stupid me, I forgot you are still fragile humans.

Though the earth will surely end up, one way or another… maybe a million years more…But we are speeding it up… But who cares ,we are the “BOSS” of this world… we can’t be dictated, we are far more sophisticated and intelligent than anything in this world… money and power is everything, let’s cut and burn all of those trees and make use of every resources in this world to benefit us, what do we care for about the other creatures?  What food chain, what balance?  It’s just part of the subjects we are studying since we were little, does it really apply?  Why bother include this to our learning when we don’t give a damn ‘bout it?  Who doesn’t know pollution is destructive?  Ordinary people know… the head and leaders of all countries know… government authorities know… so I don’t think education is the problem… the main problem is GREED… we just can’t stop… we want oil and gasoline… we want fossil fuel… we want nuclear power plants… and coal… it’s control and power we want… we don’t want solar power, wind, water or anything that is free… not because it’s hard to get energy from those sources but the ugly truth is we would rather lose our world than to lose money and power.  That’s just terrific, at least, when the world ends, you can bury yourself with your wealth.  Well, too much of my sarcasm..Why don’t we check out some facts?

·         Global Warming is the abnormal increase in Earth’s temperature due to excessive greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.
·         The greenhouse gases [such as CO2 (carbon dioxide), water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone or any gas with three or more atoms is considered a greenhouse gas] traps and maintain heat.  Thus, the thermal energy from the sun, instead of bouncing most of it back to outer space, are absorbed in the molecules of these green house gases (GHG), resulting to the increasing heat of the atmosphere and earth’s climate.
·         Normally, the earth depends on the oceans’ water vapor comprising 80% of all GHG and 20% to other gases naturally emitted by the earth, rotting plants and living animals (I don’t want to include us with the animals because that would be degrading in their part).  This is just enough to trap the needed heat vital to support life here on earth.  So why not stop the water vapors, so we could counter the increasing man-made GHG emission?  OK, then drink the ocean… until you come to your senses.
·         Burning does not increase the emission of GHG but it SPEEDS UP THE PROCESS… it’s common sense… instead of taking years of releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) through the natural process of decomposition, we release it all in a matter of seconds… that’s the culture we are in right now… always in a hurry… why don’t we dig our own grave?… oh, that’s what we are doing right now… nice job…
·         Nothing is permanent.  Like the water vapor, it does not stay long in the atmosphere… it drops back to earth as rain… Hurray, then there’s no problem, let’s smoke some CO2.  And I hope you die doing it… just kidding.  The problem is that methane (labeled as 23 times more powerful a greenhouse gas) has an average atmospheric lifetime of 10 years.  But that is nothing compared to the enormous CO2 that can stay between 50 to 200 years.  Meaning, you’ll have to bear with Mr. CO2 for at least 50 years before it is absorbed by a sink or becomes part of another chemical reaction.  But wait there is more, you can enjoy the CO2 emitted today that will give you global warming for the next two centuries… isn’t that nice?
·         Increasing the average heat or temperature of earth would pose threats like melting of the polar ice caps that would raise the sea level and making a huge part of land the next “Atlantis” (Don’t worry, if we get lucky and our body adopts… we might have gills by then); increased heat means increased water evaporation, thus more storms and hurricanes… far more stronger and destructive than you ever imagined (How exciting!!!); and eventually leads to global chaos due to limited supply of food… why?...Less land area plus unsuitable whether condition for farming equals?  You can do the math…
·         Increase in human population will correspond to increase in pollution… the solution, responsible family planning...  plain and simple

Global Warming is like a giant time bomb that will end our very own existence (considering we are so selfish enough to care for the environment and other life forms) if we don’t act on the problem.  And it’s a reality… we are experiencing it now… Don’t wait for the time when it s already irreversible… I would like to believe that there is still hope… that we still have “humanity” within us.  Let earth end naturally… and not by our hands… if you don’t care about yourself… can you at least care about the children of your children…

May God enlighten us and have mercy on us all...

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  1. Everyone of us should be aware of this GLOBAL WARMING
    and CLIMATE CHANGE. We should do our part to save our

  2. I do concern about global warming :-( we should find ways to protect the earth and above all the nature. Great article, like it very much :-)

  3. In one way or the other, we will have to pay whatever we done to our nature. So everyone should start taking care of our mother earth so the next generation could still live healthy. Just dropping by

  4. I find global warming very alarming. Imagine all the icebergs gradually melting because the world is getting hotter and hotter. It's a sad fact that a lot of people don't care much about our Mother Earth.