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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pre-Departure Registration and Orientation Seminar

We had a busy early morning today as we prepared to travel to Manila, not for a vacation, but to attend a seminar in the Commission of Filipinos Overseas (CFO).  We traveled along with our 3 kids (including an infant), so my wife and I already prepared ourselves for a tough whole day.  Even if we already briefed them with the dos and don't(s), still kids are kids, always be prepared that a lot of unexpected things will happen.

Upon arrival in Manila, we proceeded to our hotel to unload our things.  Just a tip:  There are taxis outside the airport, those with fixed price and those metered ones.  We preferred an airport metered taxi, although their flag down rate is higher than the usual, it would still come out to be cheaper and safe.  It was still early so we can't check-in, good thing the hotel personnel were kind enough to tell us that we can leave our baggage in the counter.  So off we went to CFO.

Why are there Filipinos who give our country a bad reputation?  Going to CFO, we were told by the taxi driver that he won't be using his meter because we will be caught by the traffic and told us we will pay him 300 (if not for the rain and the kids, we already vacated the taxi).  I told him that's too much for a short trip, and negotiated the price to ₱200, told him it'll be more than enough.  The driver didn't say a word, so I assumed we had a deal.

We arrived in CFO on time, we registered for the seminar, with wifey, filling up a lot of forms and me taking care of the kids.  Thinking that it will only cost us a registration for me and my wife, it was ₱2,000 for the whole family (₱400 each).  Never thought the kids were included, what will they orient them about, ABC's?  Our baby won't still get it... LOL.  The seminar was scheduled early in the afternoon so we decided to stay and wait in the place (as much as we wanted to rest in our hotel, the time didn't permit).  And as always, the tough part was, taming the kids.

What was the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) all about?  Well, generally it was what life would be like abroad and how laws and authorities are much respected there.  We also were told of what things to bring and not to bring during the flight and what processes to expect and undertake going out our country and upon entering US the first time.  And most importantly, to check the completeness of our documents and ensure that everything is in order.  I don't know if I missed something, to tell you frankly, I had not been able to concentrate well with the seminar since I had a bad cough (sadly, the kids had it also).

Glad everything went well, and we received another important sticker in our passport which we would need when we go out of the country.  Everything's done for the day and at last, we went back to Lorenzo Suites, where we stayed and had our needed rest, before our long travel the next day. 

The kids were  already asleep as we thank the Lord for keeping our family safe and sound the whole day.  Looking forward to another out-of-the-country adventure tomorrow. I know that He will be our guide... Yahweh bless.


  1. Good luck on the all important sticker on your passport and may you enjoy all your future travel.

  2. I remember those days when I attended a CFO seminar but did mine in Cebu instead in Manila. Some taxi drivers over charged you and I was a victim of that. I am glad that everything went well with the seminar and finally the kids can take rest and enjoy after.

  3. Are you planning to migrate? Sorry, you never mentioned :) Anyway, travelling always have these and those - so have fun and enjoy, should you be migrating or vacationing!

  4. Everyone seemed too tired after the journey. A good sleep is just ideal. May the Lord always bless you.

  5. Good Luck on your travel. We also had that PDOS before my husband left for Dubai.

  6. A must SOP for travelers to understand fully well. Bro, may the good Lord bless your trip.

  7. Hi required bang may kasama sa PDOS?