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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hafa Adai, Guam - Second Day: Visiting Landmarks

We woke up late in the morning, it was almost 11:00 am when the kids woke up.  There was not much we could do, as we were losing our chance to roam around Guam.  And the only way that fitted our budget was to contact the hotel service driver and ask if he could drive us to a popular beach resort near the place.  He agreed but we had to pay him $10 for the one way trip.  

The driver then brought us to Tumon beach.  It was indeed a popular location for tourists like us, as we've seen different nationalities there.  The white sand and warm water were just perfect for a swim.  And surrounded by famous hotels, made it very accessible to visitors.  We took a couple of pics and decided to find a place to eat and maybe we could walk after to roam around the places nearby... that was our plan.  But just as when we're ready to accept our fate, that it'll be the only place we'll get to visit in Guam, a blessing came... we met a "kababayan", Ray.

Ray was eating his lunch alone when we met him.  So, it was easy for us to ask him where we could find a good place to eat.  He suggested a couple of restaurants thinking we had a ride, when we told him we didn't have any, he nicely offered to accompany us.  We were hesitant at first, but considering the kids, we took the offer.  And after a short introduction, he then asked us if where do we want to eat... He offered Ross or Kmart, and we chose to visit Kmart.

We asked Ray to eat with us at Kmart's food court to at least return the favor.  The place was just typical but it was where I first enjoyed refilling your soda cup to whatever you like and to your heart's desire until you can't take no more.  After we roamed around and bought some groceries and goodies to bring home, Ray decided to tour us around, which we first denied, but he insisted... he said, it's Filipino hospitality.  We're not in the position to argue, I guess, we were just in luck.

He then took us to Guam Premier Outlets to see Ross.  Ross, focuses on discounted RTW's, shoes, accessories and alike... as it's tag line says,"dress for less".  We were able to find good buys as a treat and remembrance for our visit.  We didn't stay long as there were still a couple of places we were going to.

Next stop was Paseo de Susana where  a smaller version of the Statue of Liberty stands.  We saw some Chamorros fishing nearby and tourists parasailing in the deeper sea were also visible in the place.  It was a cool location to enjoy the sea breeze and the sights of the sea.

A famous church in Guam was our next destination: Dolce Nombre De Maria Cathedral - Basilica.  Ray said the church is air-conditioned when there is a mass, but having a high ceiling compensated the temperature inside at that moment.  The feeling of serenity and calmness as we entered the church also added to our ease.  We were the only people during that time, so it was just perfect to pray.  They say, when you visit a church for the first time, you pray and you get to have one wish.  I say, the Lord is listening all the time.

More, the church is located within the perimeter of Plaza de España, another tourist destination.  We enjoyed relaxing there for a while... under the shades of the trees and the cool breeze, just perfect.  Also in the area were the Guam Insular Force Guard monument, Chocolate house and Pope John Paul II statue.

It was getting late, so we then hurried to Two Lovers Point before it closes.  Talking about saving the best for last. The place offered a breathtaking view of Guam's shoreline from a cliff.  The place is famous for lovers who want to tie the knot, stone after stone of engraved names of couples who married in the place served as evidence.  They also had what they call "wish or love lock", its a padlock with a heart where you can write a wish or dedication.  It is then attached to the wire fence in the place.  We also tried their machine that converts a penny to a souvenir piece.  Well, there's practically a lot of things to do there... truly, a must see.

We had our well-deserved meal at Mc Donalds, the one near our place.  We treated Ray for a meal, though we know, it wasn't enough to return all the favors he had done for our family for the day... it was a gesture that we were truly grateful for touring us around Guam.  So after, we returned the favor by accompanying him to watch his favorite game, we watched a friendly game of soccer nearby.  Then he gave us a ride to our hotel and bid our farewells afterwards.

We thank the Lord for using people like Ray in making our stay in Guam memorable and meaningful.  And most of all, for the gift of friendship.  We felt accomplished and satisfied as we rest the night off.  To Him be all the glory.  Yahweh bless.


  1. wow! lucky for you and your family to visit such beautiful places like these. :))

  2. Looks like you have a nice family time at Guam. It's nice that your kids get to travel at a young age.

  3. That's one lovely trip. I can see the joy and excitement on your faces.

  4. You are and your family indeed are blessed for such memorable tour you have had in Guam, especially those landmarks and the beautiful, popular beach

  5. Ray was quite a blessing for you. Filipino hospitality at its best indeed.

  6. Your Guam tour is truly enjoyable and unforgettable to have met a good man like Ray. Lovely photos of you and your family :)

  7. Guam. I have friends who have been there and they also recommend to visit that place. With your stories and photos, I suddenly miss traveling. Thanks for this and I'm inspired. :)

  8. What incredible skies in all the photos! Thanks for touring me around Guam, warmed my rather cold autumn days that has given me colds and headaches...