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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hafa Adai, Guam - First Day: To Where America's Day Begins

We woke up early the following morning (in as much as we still wanted to sleep), to prepare for our flight to Guam.  Just wanted to say that we had a comfortable stay at Lorenzzo Suites, good facilities and very accommodating staffs.  So, in behalf of my family, thank you for making our stay easy for us.  And off we went to war... i mean, to the airport.

I just don't know why people are giving you a hard time going out of the country (not to mention how many times we and our things went to x-ray and metal detector machines).  We went to the airport early because there were just a lot of things to do and comply (just like when we went to Singapore).  It took us a couple of minutes just checking in to our flight, a little problem about our baby's ticket.  It was a good thing though that the travel tax's already included in our plane fare, we skipped that another long line.  Our departure was scheduled at 10:55 am and 4:55 pm arrival time - that will be 4 hours flight duration.  Yup, that's definitely correct, Guam is 2 hours ahead of us.

Next stop, filing up documents for our local immigration requirement where it took another couple of minutes.  Then, we again strip up for another body search before we entered the waiting area.  Finally, we reached the finish line and boarding came next.  

We had a smooth sailing flight, the airlines provided meals, we were entertained by their movie feature: Johnny Depp's The Lone Ranger, and most of all, the kids were tame during the flight duration.  Although our baby "pooped" just minutes before we landed to Guam.  At the plane's window, Guam looked like our Samal, the difference was just evident when we landed.  It had nice buildings, infrastructures and wide streets that really made us think we're in another country.

Upon arrival, we went directly to the U.S. immigration office.  Good thing we had our kids with us, it lightened up the atmosphere with airport police officers.  Though there was still something we had to comply, however, we were told that we had the option to do it later, so we were allowed to enter Guam.  They even helped us contact our hotel for our ride to the place.

Guam: Where America's Day Begins... seen this in a car's license plate, so I asked why?  I was told that it is the U.S. territory where the sun first rises.

When we arrived in our room in Harmon Loop Hotel, we were happy to see Mc Donald's just across the street.  But we had a different plan, we wanted to see the place so we took a hike with the kids to the Micronesia Mall, we were told that it was just a walking distance from our place.  Though it took us a while walking with the kids, it was a fun experience, as we saw a lot of Filipino establishments along the way. 

We were hungry when we arrived, so we went to their food court and settled with Burger King.  And as expected, it cost us $20 for a simple meal.  We can't really help to convert the cost to peso since not one of us earns dollar, our pocket money were exchange from our bank.  But we must spend for our necessity, so there's nothing much we could do about it. We then enjoyed the rest of the night roaming around the mall.

We walked back to our place after.  Strange as it may seem, we only saw very few people walking in the streets.  I guess, everyone had a ride.  Though the walk maybe a little far, but everyone enjoyed the short talks and sights along the way.

Even if it's very evident how everyone looked so tired as we arrived in the hotel, but the kids still had the energy to watch the Disney channel...  Amazing, though I hate to be "killjoy" but it's time to rest.  Goodnight all.  Yahweh bless.


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