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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hafa Adai, Guam - Third Day: Going Home

We had our simple breakfast inside our room, instant noodles cup we bought from a convenience store near our place.  It was sort of a brunch since we woke up late, recuperating from the whole day of tour around Guam yesterday.  Then after a while, I went to McDonald's and ordered for our lunch "to go" (termed "take-out" in our place).  Included in our accommodation package was our ride to the airport, so even if our flight was still in the evening, we checked-in way ahead of our schedule. 

After we checked-in our baggage, we had our lunch and then roamed around A.B.Won Pat International Airport.  There were actually a lot of shops inside selling signature items and goodies (and the prices? hmmmm...), and one can actually try them (especially the chocolates). There were a lot of Filipinos working as sales representative, so there's really no need to speak a lot of English there.  We then settled on the benches and watched an animated movie over and over again (I think 3 times before our flight schedule came).

Our plane departed at around 7 p.m. Guam time and expected to arrive at 9 p.m. Philippine time.  Our flight was fully occupied and I had to endure more or less 4 hours of being seated away from my family.  We had an uncomfortable flight, there were a lot of turbulence along the way, wasn't able to relate with the food they served me (sorry...), and the kids were not feeling well (did I mention we all had cough) which made me worry a lot, thinking my wife was left alone with our kids.  Still, everything turned out well, we arrived safe and sound in Manila... and we thanked the Lord for a safe trip.

From NAIA Terminal 1, we rode a shuttle provided by the airport to Terminal 3.  And since our flight to Davao was at 3:45 a.m. the following day, we decided to wait inside the airport terminal.  We had a midnight snack with the kids (good to see prices to be lower and in pesos... LOL).  The only downfall was, even if we are known for our hospitality, a lot of passengers (both locals and foreigners) were sleeping on the airport floor.  Good thing we brought a lot of blankets for the kids.  Our airports should install or at least provide more benches for their passengers especially for those staying for an early morning flight schedule.  It would definitely show their concern to passengers and more making the world know that our hospitality isn't only limited in books.

Good thing we're seated together during our flight to Davao.  We arrived safely in Davao on a beautiful Saturday morning.  When we arrived home, it seemed like we had not rested for days, so we slept the whole day.

Thank you Lord for the great experience, You gave our family, to visit another wonderful country.  For providing safety and guidance in the whole duration of our trip.  We are truly grateful for your kindness and we bring back all the praises and glory to You... 


  1. God is so good. He has kept you and your family members safe and sound while you're home. Welcome home. I know it is indeed no place like home.

  2. Their airport has a lot of nice attractions and looks really spacious too.

  3. Nothing like a trip with the whole family in tow. Wish my family can do the same soon.

  4. Good things are coming into your life vecause you know how to value your family! Good luckt o your future trips with the fam bam :)

  5. it's so good to see that u have ur family with u in these kinds of trips. i hope to experience the same thing with my future family i remember my childhood through the photos of ur children.