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Saturday, June 16, 2012

On My Queen's Birthday

Just an ordinary day before you came to my life
Undeniably special, since my destiny came to life
Never in my wildest dream do I think I deserve
Everything so lovely down to the last curve...

One of my greatest fear is that I ever lose you, my love
Six million women, still I'll seek for you around the globe
Seven continents won't be a hindrance to my heart's desire
Seven days a week, I'll never stop until I find whom I admire...

Heaven sent you to me, it's no coincidence we met
After a series of selection, He chose you for me finally
Picking you up among the cream of the crop
Indeed the best, how can I go wrong with you on top...

Birth of the one who brings light to our family
Day we will never forget, our children and me
Ask whatever your heart's longings and desires may be
Yes, our queen, your will be done just wait and see...

Every single thing you've done in my life I thank the Lord
Never were there any regrets, you'll not hear such word
On the day we've met until I have my last breath
I will love you forever and ever... happy birthday, "Twart".

Yahweh bless...


  1. aw. this is so sweet! happy birthday to your queen. :)

  2. so romantic... dedicating a poem on a birthday... i think kind of gestures shouldn't be forgotten... its priceless

  3. Such a sweet tribute to your queen's birthday.

  4. awww.. this is so sweet... its been a long time since I made a poem, i guess, the inspiration is not yet here with me :D

  5. Blessed is the man who loves his wife truly.

  6. awww! what a sweet poem to the LOVE of your LIFE :-) Happy birthday to your Queen and wish her more happiness together with you :-)

  7. So sweet, and the poem has a lot of thoughts. Very nice.

  8. What a blessed family, and a very inspirational poem. Happy birthday to your queen.