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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Don't Drive And Sleep

It's common sense, better have enough sleep before handling the wheels.  Drive only whenever you are capable of doing so.  But a lot of people just don't mind this, and goes on just to show off or to save face, "I can still drive".  Don't push it, pal.  If you find yourself sleepy while driving along the way, what is it to stop for a while and take a nap or have your substitute driver take over, rather than suffer the consequences.

According to those who talked with the driver, he felt asleep and
with just a blink of an eye, his truck was already on it's side.

There's just a lot that incapacitate one to drive and most of it, the driver is the only one who can assess, here are some:
  • too much liquor intake
  • lack of sleep
  • obstructed vision
  • emotional instability
  • serious health problems
The list can just go on anything that can make the driver lose his concentration and control while on the road.  In any of the circumstances, might as well stay out of the wheels and be a life saver.  May it be your own or that of others.  Yahweh bless.


  1. I once rode a jeep where the driver is literally sleeping. That's one horrible experience I wouldn't want to happen again.

  2. Its always what we prioritise that makes for gains or loses. Safety should be priority,when other things are made priority, there is more to lose

  3. I never ride again in motorcycle since after my hubby got injured in Motorcycle accident.

  4. I agree. Never drive when you are not in the condition to do so especially for long drives. Sometimes, people are just to proud to admit that they are not in a good condition to drive.

  5. You are right. That is why I don't drive pag kulang ako sa tulog or nakainum. Mahirap na.

  6. It's always safe to stay sober when driving as when your drunk some of your senses are less alert.

  7. Accidents do happen unexpectedly but it may always happen if drivers are drunk and lack of sleep. Before going out to drive, mind and body should be well conditioned and so as the vehicle to prevent such mishap.

  8. this is the reason why im scared of driving/commuting especially at night, drivers must always be alert!

  9. Thanks for the remind.. people can just be plain stubborn!

  10. I experienced car accident 5 months ago, i'm in condition to drive but off course accident happen unexpectedly. I am thankful because i t's mild accident at walang nasaktan sa amin.

  11. Just like Carizza, I am also afraid to commute at night because of these reasons.