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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fruit Ninja Anniversary Update

For those who love to kill time with Fruit Ninja, an upgrade for their free version is now available in your iPhones.  This is in celebration of their 2nd year anniversary.  So what's new?  Well, aside from Sensei, new characters were added, a merchant named Gutsu and his assistant Truffles.  They brought new twists in the game, the Gutsu's Cart, an addition to Dojo selection.

Selecting Gutsu's Cart would bring you to 2 unlocked power-ups, namely:

Bomb Deflects - deflects bomb when you hit them.
Berry Blasts - earn 5 points when you slice this special strawberries.

In order to get these power-ups, Starfruit points (SP) are needed which is earned while playing the game or you can simply buy it.

Also, you can now unlock all blades and backgrounds in the Sensei's Swag by using accumulated Starfruit points (worth 1,000 SP each).  Some blades and backgrounds, however, can be unlocked by finishing a game with specific number of points and certain conditions according to the given clue or objective.  Here's how to get some of them:

Mr. Sparkle Blade - 42 is a number that represents life in the game.  Finish with 42 points.
Old Glory Blade - 50 stars in the US flag.  Finish a game with 50 points.
The Firecracker Blade - Battle of Red Cliffs was on 208 A.D.  Finish a game with a score of 208 points.
I Heart Sensei Background - just follow Halfbrick Studios on Facebook or Twitter.

Enjoy the game, folks.  Yahweh bless.


  1. I have so many games in my iPhone and iPad, once I am home my 4 nephews and nieces will take turns playing and all the games in my units are theirs! Hehe.. I think I have this game in my units haven't tried playing it though.

  2. I honestly don't play much on my phone because I don't have any time to spend to. Anyway, I may download this one. Thanks for the recommendation, Ralph.

  3. My kids love playing this game!

  4. Oh! so there's an update! I wonder if my son updated mine already..he's the one who got addicted to fruit ninja! :P

  5. I should try this out. Will be downloading via itunes.

  6. oh my! haha! i haven't played fruit ninja in a while. i get really frustrated not beating my sister's high score. :o