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Friday, May 4, 2012

Who Let The Dogs Out!

It's a song co-written and originally recorded by Anslem Douglas and later performed by the Baha Men... anyway, this doesn't have anything to do with this post.  I just witnessed another motorcycle (MC) accident caused by a stray dog.  A motorcycle was behind me when suddenly I heard a crashing noise.  When I looked at my side mirror, I saw the MC along with it's driver lying on the road.  Luckily the dog wasn't hurt that much since it was able to run (most probably to its owner's house).  While the man was helped by the passengers of the van following him.  Looking at him, well, I think he'll also be just fine.

This wasn't the first time I've seen nor heard this type of accident... some weren't that lucky.  My co-worker needed to be on sick leave for a long time to let his bruises and fractured hand heal.  Also, I witnessed an unconscious man being carried by paramedics after hitting a dog in a fast lane.  The dog also wasn't that lucky, since it was crawling to the sidewalk, dragging both it's hind legs likely being badly hurt during the accident.  And these were only few of the incidents I heard and personally witnessed in road misfortunes involving stray dogs.

Not to mention... stray goats! :-)
So why dogs?  It is because they are the most commonly allowed to roam on the streets and could have been easily prevented if only their owners were responsible enough to keep them in the boundaries of their property.   Pet and animal owners not only of dogs but also of cats, chickens, cattle, horses and alike must be concerned of the safety of their animals and their surrounding community.  Likewise, owners must be held liable for the damages or accidents involving their pets, not to mention a case, in violation of the animal welfare for negligence, if there is such.

Here are some things a motorist can do to avoid animal accidents on road:
  • Slow down and be anticipative of dogs and other animals' behavior when being spotted near the road.
  • Blow your horn to get the animals attention and shoo them away.
  • If, by chance, you came across residents of the nearby community, try asking them to tell the owners to please restrain or tie their dogs or animals and prevent them from being on the road.
  • If no action was taken, report the situation to the nearest government dog pound or animal control for proper problem solution.
The highways and roads are for motorists and  pedestrians use.  It would be safer not only for the road users but also for animals if they will be kept away from the roads and be within the vicinity of it's owner's property.  Yahweh bless.


  1. This makes sense.... I have seen a bicyclist go down hard from running into a stray dog before... and heres a tip for everyone... seriously avoid stray hippos... they can hurt!!

  2. My family back in the Philippines owns a dog but keeps her inside the house all the time to make sure that she won't be involved in any accident such as this one. They take her out for a walk for her daily exercise and pee/poo time.

    Dog owners should be responsible enough to take care of their pets and not just let it go out on the streets causing trouble.

  3. Sometimes i think we can't do anything about stray dogs on the streets.. Motorist should always be extra careful na lang. No over speeding to avoid these kinds of accidents :) better be safe than sorry :)

  4. I had a dog but she is in chain

  5. Swear! Delikado talaga yang mga stray dogs sa daan.

  6. Scary as it is but what if the dogs have rabies pa. I think dog owners should take the responsibility of keeping their dogs in their backyards.

  7. Motorists should be careful na lang. It's not just dogs that have a habit of staying where they shouldn't be. People do that a lot too. A motorist will be in hot water if he ever hits a person, even if that person shouldn't be in the middle of the road in the first place.

  8. Dog owners had to take greater responsibility for their pets. If they are stray, may dapat siguro nang pagdalhan sa kanila.

  9. This really happens.
    The dog owners should be conscious enough
    to give watchful eye on their pets to prevent such

  10. We have leash laws here--but once in awhile a dog will get on the loose or they will run away. I don't think they cause too many motorcycle accidents here.

    Cheers, Jenn.

  11. dog owners should be responsible enough to prevent accidents.
    o kaya naka-chain muna.

  12. Both dog owners and motorists should really take extra care when dealing with pets.

  13. i think that there are really times that we cannot really avoid animal accidents lalo na if madulas ang daan if tag-ulan. :o

    pero on normal days, if possible, taking the extra step to see what's really on the road would not only benefit motorists but also whatever life is there in the streets.

  14. We should all keep an eye sa mga pets natin. And be very careful in ensuring they don't get into accidents.