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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beach, Falls And Bats For Summer

We had our employees summer outing in Samal City, it gave us the opportunity to visit some of the famous tourist spots there, particularly Monfort Bat Colony, Hagimit Falls and Pearl Farm Beach Resort.  Our company provided buses for our transportation.  The buses were then transported using barges in a ferryboat located at Km. 11, Barangay Sasa  here in Davao.  As we reached Samal, we immediately proceeded to our first destination... to the bat cave!!!
One of the tour guides overheard my question, the reason why bats don't cluster
 in the exposed portion of the cave is to protect themselves from predators like the raven.
By the way, they are a record holder.
Upon arrival, the site in-charge gave us a short background about Monfort Bat Colony, the importance and significant contributions of bats to our environment and rules to follow in bat watching.  The rule is simple, don't disturb the bats in any way since they have sensitive senses and a lot of them have babies which when dropped will die, and don't over crowd in one place, the surface above the caves can only carry a couple of people (safe to say, 30 max).

Here are some important facts about bats that was shared during the event:
  • Bats are mammals that give birth to 1 baby a year and they do this hanging upside down;
  • They control parasite (i.e. mosquitoes), crop pest and other insects being their major predator;
  • They love nectar, making them a big contributor to cross pollination of wide array of tropical fruits (i.e. durians, mangoes, bananas, etc.) found in our place; and,
  • They play an important role in the dispersal of seeds they get from trees to our forests, thus helping rebuild our damaged environment.
After being overwhelmed seeing millions of bats in the place,   we moved to another equally breathtaking (literally) place, Hagimit Falls.  Since our buses can only drive us up to the highway (due to narrow road towards the place), we needed to walk a bit long way, not to mention the couple of steps down the walkway to the falls.  Well, you know what, it's worth it.  The beauty of the place, just took my breath away (now, I'm figuratively speaking).

It may seem everything is blurry and starting
to lose colors but I'm almost there... LOL.
In as much as we wanted to stay long and take even just a short dip, due to time constraint, we needed to go and face the uphill trek towards our rides.  It wasn't a joke, especially to those who haven't stretched their muscles for a long time.  But hey, it's a good stop, a great prospect and something to recommend to everyone who wants to visit Samal.

Along the way to our last stop, our bus experienced a mechanical damage.  So we needed to transfer to one of the other buses.  We had to fit passengers good for 2 buses into 1 bus (since the other buses were already ahead of us.  I really couldn't think that moment if we were lucky or not.  Well, what's important was we somehow arrived to Pearl Farm safe and sound.

Upon arrival, we had a short program, picture taking and prayer, then we had our bountiful lunch.  The food, just wowed me, one of the many things I like about the place.  Then, we roamed around the Malipano Island (still part of Pearl Farm where our outing was held).  A couple decided to simply take a swim by the beach, while others took opportunity of the discounted rates for use of facilities (banana boat, kayak, and JetSki rides) given to employees just for that day.
Prepared for lunch... me.
Then we called it a day.  We took a 45 minutes boat ride from Pearl Farm on our way back home.  It was fun, but I just wish that I can also share such experience with my family.  I hope and pray that I will, someday.  Yahweh bless.


  1. Nice shots, I always love taking nature photos. And it is very obvious in my travel blog. lol

  2. the Hagimit Falls is breath taking indeed. truly our country has hidden treasures of beauty. hope that locals as well as tourist preserve these.

  3. Very enchanting summer destination! I was once there with my cousins too, but I wasn't able to explore the entire Samal. I wish to visit there again...

  4. Wow! I love adventure and loves to travel more in the Philippines, visit beautiful and relaxing nature like this.

  5. The falls look nice and this is a very interesting post about bats.

  6. Wow this is so beautiful. I love nature trips like this. Hope to try it soon.

  7. what a trip!!! that's what i miss too - bonuses; company christmas gift; 13th month pay; 14th month pay; perks... wala dito mga ganyan!

  8. You are such a
    FAMILY MAN... just like my husband.
    He also has travel opportunities all-expenses
    paid by his company. He wishes to share those trips
    with us but not possible. Great you had fun though.

  9. what a beautiful trip and leisure that is :-) you are one lucky participant indeed! beautiful views and pictures too :-)

  10. this post reminds me once when i went to SG zoo. the people really wanted to "take photos" of the bats, so they resorted to flash photography and the bats flew around. scary.

    the 3rd photo looks very inviting. i've always wanted to see a short cascading falls.

  11. Wow, I been there and I really love Samal. I miss this place. :)

  12. Wow, pretty cool outing Ralph. I think those bats would have left me with the willies! Kathy

  13. It would also be nice to see the bats in their numbers as it would be a unique experience.

  14. wow that just look so awesome! I've read a lot of good aplces in samal! shud consider planning next time to come here too! x

  15. Impressive stat more more than a million bats... We should have passed by Samal when I visited Pearl Farm once.

  16. After seeing your photos, I'll include those places in my to do list when I go to Davao this summer.

  17. wow! very serene yung Falls site. Yaks, I can't do with bats. Very foul daw ang smell nila.

  18. I haven't been to Saml, but it's on my list!.:) Hope to see the Monfort Bat Colony and Hagimit Falls this year? hehehe...:)

  19. Look at all the bats, I cannot imagine how those smell, i can still remember when we visited the underground river in Palawan, that was the only cave I visited, tho the place smell foul but it was amazing.

  20. I've heard so much about the Monfort Bat Colony
    had seen a great number of travel bloggerstake their picture of this place.
    Really makes me itch to visit Samal very soon.

  21. I am looking forward to Samal and Pearl Farm. Your post inspires me to travel again. Your travel pictures are awesome.