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Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Very Special Day

This day the Lord blessed me with life, the day when I first experienced what was like in the outside world.  Indeed, a very special day for me, for if not for it, I won’t be here with my family today, I won’t experience all the things that I had in life, I won’t be able to know all the wonderful people around me and celebrate with me today... I’m truly blessed and I have a lifetime to thank Him for it.


We had a simple gathering and thanksgiving. Just enough food for all the guests that arrived in our home.  Most of the dishes were cooked by my mom and my wife; some were experiments (that went well and tasted good) while some were her ( my mom's) specialty like the macaroni salad.  We also bought some cakes from sugar munch (one of my wife’s fave) and there were also delicacies brought by my relatives and visitors.  All in all, the food was great, and just enough for all to be satisfyingly full... LOL.

I’m also overwhelmed by all my friends who greeted me in the social networking sites (i.e. facebook, google, yahoo and others).  Some were dear to me, longtime friends, classmates, co-bloggers, and acquaintances.  Really, it’s a good thing these sites have birthday reminders and on-time comments, news feeds and other stuff.  Communication just got easier, quicker, up-to-date and personal.  My sincere thanks for finding time to write something wonderful...

And what do you know, my next birthday maybe free.  My sister-in-law gave birth today to a beautiful niece on my birthday.  Glad her delivery went well and baby Jhia Kyle was in perfect condition.  Welcome to the world, I hope we will have a lot of wonderful birthdays together. May you grow up to be a healthy, loving, and sweet little girl. May you be surrounded with love from your family and the people around you. Welcome to our family my dear and congratulations to my brother, Joey and sis Rhia for a bouncing pretty girl!

I just have simple wishes for my birthday, blessings of good health to my family and may we just have enough to live comfortably in life... which Yahweh had been continually blessing me for the past years of my life until now... and I'm  claiming, for the years to come.  I just hope that I’m continually honoring His name through my deeds, for this is the only way I can think of...


  1. Wow ang daming food!

    Happy happy Birthday,Ralph!

  2. Have a wonderful birthday, yummmmmmmmmmmm those foods are delish and congrats to your Sister for the newest baby :-)

  3. Happy Birthday, Ralph and you are blessed with the ability to write too. Keep inspiring other people.

    And to that newest bundle of joy in your family, welcome! She looks so delicate and lovely.