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Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Birthday To Our Princess

We celebrated our daughter's birthday in one of Samal's resort, Camp Holiday (we are beginning to be frequent visitors to this place, we should already be getting benefits like discounts... LOL).  We went there a day before and had an overnight stay, so she and the other kids can enjoy the beach and pool longer, since it's their favorite pastime.  We were so happy, and we know she was too, since a lot of our relatives came, her cousins, her uncles and aunts, her grandparents and we, her family were all there.
Our lovely celebrant...

Even our family in Gensan joined us in the celebration, and we were much thankful they brought along their units.  It made our trip much convenient and easier for all, it's really a great help.  Lucky for us, we have them.

As we thought the special occasion will be just that special, we were surprised that two local actors came to the resort, Bobby Andrews and Dino Guevarra.  No, we did not invite them, hehe.  They were visitors of a group of people celebrating their class reunion.  Some of you guys may not know them but a lot in the beach recognized them being quite popular in the 90's.  So, in effect, they attracted a lot of people to have a picture with them.  Us, we just watched them from a short distance, as my brother jokingly said, "Tan-awa among mga asawa nga anad kita ug gwapo" translation: Look at how wives who are used to being with gorgeous guys behave (of course we were referring to us, their husbands, hahaha).

The beach party went well and the kids had fun. Our little girl had again grown another year... beautiful as ever. The next day, we all greeted her again since it's the original day of her birth, and so the swimming continued... When we got home, we made a small celebration in the evening for her.  As I looked at her, I couldn't help but think, how she had grown so fast... and I thank Yahweh for everything that I see in her.  Happy birthday, my Princess.


  1. Happy Birthday!God Bless her always.

  2. Aww.. Happy birthday to your daughter! :)

  3. happy birthday to your princess. a birthday party and sort of family reunion in one, nice!

  4. Happy Birthday Little One...Keep your mom and dad proud!

  5. Happy birthday to your princess! :D

  6. WOW! she's so cute with her two-piece.
    Happy Birthday to your PRINCESS!!!

  7. Happy birthday Princess, wish you more birthdays to come. The water looks so refreshing, enjoy your special day.

  8. Happy Birthday to your dear princess :)