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Sunday, April 29, 2012

How To Check Flat Tires

It's a fact that one of the common problem encountered by motorists is flat tire(s).  Just when you need to be somewhere and on time... then poof, your motorcycle starts to wiggle and you need to stop.  Let me just share a couple of things I learned from experience in the road:

Look for foreign objects.  Usually, a flat tire is caused by any sharp object commonly by nails.  You may want to remove this using pliers or any tool that can clip and pull it from your tire, since it can badly damage the interior as you continue to run.

Tire interior also tear.  If you can't find anything, it is possible that there is a tear in your interior.  It usually happens when a tire lacks air and you constantly run in a rough road.  Or you bought an interior having a poor quality (substandard or old stock).

Loose valve stem core.  But before bringing your motorcycle to the vulcanizing shop for a patch, check first your valve stem and tighten it's core (if loose) by turning it clockwise.  But to complete this solution, you still need to have a valve stem tool to screw the valve core and a portable air pump to inflate your tire.

Water power.  You can check air leaks using water.  Pour some water directly at the valve stem, if bubbles are visible, then there is an air leak.   Observe where the bubbles come from.  If it is from the valve stem, you may have a loose or defective valve stem core.  But if it comes from the side of the valve stem, then you have a hole in your tire interior.

If bubbles come from where the green arrow is pointing, valve stem core problem.
But if at the red arrows, there's a hole in your interior rubber.

Motorcycles don't carry a spare tire.  So you need to look for the nearest vulcanizing shop when you have a flat tire (unless, of course you can fix it yourself).  Run slow and remove as much load as possible from your motorcycle to prevent more damage to your tire.  Upon reaching the shop, you may either ask the vulcanizer to patch the hole in your interior or replace it.  It is safer to replace it though, if circumstances permit.

Have a safe drive, everyone.  Yahweh bless.


  1. Good tips.... I have used the water technique before.... but nothing prepares you for the every deadly unicycle blowout!!

  2. I've been driving for only 2 months.. and just a few days ago I asked our maintenance guy at work how would I know if I have a flat tyre when my car is running and what to do about it when I'm alone? hehe.. thanks for this post! very useful. ;)

  3. How I wish, how I wish I'd learn to ride the motorcycle. But for now, I'll enjoy the bicycle :)

    God bless and keep safe on your trips.

  4. What a great tips from you. I also am worry when I drive with my kids and will have a flat tire in the middle of the road. I always ask myself how to fix it. I will study your tips and this is a great help for me.

  5. Great tips. This would be helpful when I get a flat tire,

  6. It really helps to know how to deal with a flat tire since it can really be difficult if you get problems on the road.

  7. yikes, i dont know anything about cars. funny but its a disadvantage for me T_T

  8. I am so dependent on my husband checking everything. Now, at least I have a know-how on what to do if I'm on my own! Thanks!

  9. Nice tips! Yes the one common problem of the motorist encountered is flat tires. Like my hubby every time he goes out he brings his tire equipment or he went to the nearest vulcanizing shop.

  10. I don't have a car yet, but these are nice tips if ever I get one soon

  11. Maybe I could use some of your tips when I finally get to know how to drive a car. Reading this makes me think that it's a lot of work lol. Which is why I am having doubts on whether if i should learn how to drive.