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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nationalism Personified

Each and every Filipino knew this hero who fought for his love to our country.  For those “kababayan” (countrymen) who don't know him... shame on you (LOL), even Wikipedia knows him.  I would not be talking about who Gat Andres Bonifacio was or what exactly he did for our country because you can easily google his name in the net.

I was actually struck by the poll in question by local news on TV... Will Andres Bonifacio be proud today of the country he once fought for and even gave his life?  What do you think?

By his bravery and leadership, along with his men of valor, the “katipuneros”(Bonifacio’s group) freed us from our tyrant colonizers... I think, he would be happy to see us as a free country today... but I’m very sure, he would never be glad to see that our government has never changed... it is still run by mostly corrupt officials, who has greed for power and abuses it's country... and who has little or no regard to the Filipino people... the sad part is, they are also Filipinos.

The trace of our colonizers still runs in our government... it was passed and never forgotten.  When someone is elected as government official or holding a position in the country... they always think that they are no longer common people... “alta sociedad”, powerful, untouchable and everyone under his scope is his servant... this is what a foreign colonizer in a position thinks...

... Isn’t it obvious, look at our justice system and compare it with the colonization era... it slightly changed only.  It isn’t fair and justice doesn’t have blindfolds... I don’t expect it to be perfect since it is created by man, but I hope it’s not as biased as it is.  When foreigners colonized us, almost all seats in the government were taken by them.  And even if they did injustice to the people under them or broke any law they created, they were not punished the same way as they did to a common Filipino. So how does it differ from today?  We see government officials guilty of obvious crimes they committed... and just because they hold much power and money... they can escape with technicalities or given much special treatment... that an ordinary Filipino wouldn't get.

Please remember and may you never forget that you, as government officials were put to your position to serve your nation and to do what are best for its welfare and your own countrymen and not to be served as if you are a king or an officer in a foreign land.  You are not running a government of a colonized country, so why are you acting and thinking like one?  Have we forgotten what we were thought in school of nationalism?  It’s not just for the sake of memorizing what it meant and answering in the exam all the question about it... but to know it by heart and to live by it.

Never did I lose hope, I know there are still  “Andres Bonifacios” in our government and our country... fighting and living to what is right and just...  And if everything fails... with our Almighty Father, everything is possible... and everything would be fair.  With the poor’s simplicity of their lives, they easily accept things, there is contentment and happiness... while that of the extravagant life of the rich and powerful even the slightest of downfall is already hard for them, they are never satisfied and lonely... A very simple example of heaven and hell here on earth. Yahweh bless.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I learned a bit of your history today!! Cheers, Jenn

  2. Nice info.. thnks for sharing...

  3. things never changed from Gat Jose Rizal to now .We still have corruptions and the ellite or alta sociedad" people .they still runs the country. i'm sure our national hero is not happy about it.And you are right ,there are still Andres Bonifacio's in the country trying to fight for changes. nice history post. history is one of my favorite subject.

  4. The mortal enemy of aguinaldo. He should have been the first president but unfortunately he was killed. Just like Ninoy.

  5. If Andres is living, he would make a good follower and leader. Matalino siya at gusto ko siya. Kahit hindi naka pag aral, may passion sa buhay

  6. gosh...katouch naman ito. Hope our government won't take for granted all the efforts made not just by A.B. but to all heroes as well.

  7. sad really, oligarchy runs our country --- I love history as a subject too. I think if he's alive, Andres would be disappointed with the nation's situation now and would act accordingly... ;)