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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pacquiao Vs Marquez III - Pacquiao Won By Majority Decision

Manny Pacquiao did it again, gave his country another valuable recognition by defeating Juan Manuel Marquez for the second time.  Marquez knew from the very start, that the only way he could defeat the defending champion was to be the aggressor and he should be able to knockdown Manny in the game.  But through the rest of the game, Manny had always been the one moving forward and was most of the time, the one throwing the first punch... I know it's sad for Marquez fans to see their idol lose the game but I guess having the fact that majority of the judges, 1 draw while the other 2 scored in favor of Manny, should be enough and respected... as it should be the case should the result goes the other way around.

I saw how sad Manny was, when a lot was booing him... he didn't even raised his hands at the end of the game... not because he knew he was going to lose but because he might be thinking that he had given his all... risked everything... but it was not still enough to please the crowd.  Is it just that we expected too much from him, that in every fight he must knock out the opponent or destroy their faces?  People has limitations, and we should know that... Having fought an opponent for a couple of times makes someone somewhat familiar to his moves.  That might be the case here.  It's just sad to hear some people... more even from our very own kababayans, commenting that it should be the other way around... Hey, a Filipino won... risked his life just to fight for our nation's pride... It's really true, you just can't please everyone.

To Manny... it is a great pleasure of having you as our sportsman icon and proud of you being a Filipino.  You had given our country much pride than any other Filipino had... you've put us back in the map... and made us known to the whole world.  You showed great courage and determination in your fights... but  what I admired in you most, is that I always only hear kind words from you... even if it is for your opponent... a perfect sportsman... a perfect gentleman... And you never forget the Lord... that made you a perfect example to all people of all ages.  Whatever they say, it was a game well played and was decided fairly... My sincere thanks for again making our country proud... Congratulations... To Yahweh be the glory.


  1. congrats to Manny ! Proud to be pinoy

  2. It was the most boring fight I've ever seen. But he give it all his best to win the game.
    Marquez already know Manny's strategy it may be another reason why it was a boring fight.

    That doesn't matter. What matter most is he WIN again.

  3. I was unable to watch the fight, unfortunately ... but yes, it breaks my heart to hear that a lot of Filipinos thought that the decision was a mistake, that the outcome tarnished the reputation of the sport, that in so many words, boxing is as well going down to the dogs ... pardon my French there ... but hey, Manny won and he, too, had to endure ferocious beating to come out the victor ... all's well that ends well ... :D

  4. Congrats to the one and only PACMAN! :P

  5. Pacman won bec he is the aggressive one...Marquez only defense hehehe ...Pacman deserved to WIN!!!