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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Golden Eggs of Angry Birds Seasons

I'm still stuck with Angry Birds... hehe.  And now, I'll share to you some tips on how and where to get the golden eggs in the Seasons edition.

Let's start with Trick or Treat... there's only 1 golden egg here and it is found in level 1-32.  Just shoot your green bird in the other direction and activate its boomerang ability to hit the pumpkin bearing the golden egg in the upper right corner as illustrated below.

Then, to Season's Greedings... go to level 1-13.  Simply hit the Christmas wreath and you'll have the only golden egg in this edition.  Kindly see suggested attack below.

Let's go to Hogs and Kisses... also, 1 golden egg and its found in level 1-7.  You can use your white bird's bomb to hit the flying egg below the platform (encircled with blue as illustrated below).

Now, to Go Green, Get Lucky part... here, there's only a single golden egg and found in level 1-8.   Use your yellow bird to zoom its way up in a trajectory to hit a golden egg in the top right hand corner of your screen (you won't miss it, there's an arrow pointing on it).  See suggestion below in black dots.

And to Easter Eggs, where you'll get most of the golden eggs... 9 eggs to my count.  Since there's a lot, I'll only show illustrations to where it needed most.  Ready, okay lets enumerate where to find them and hints on how to get them:

1. Level 1-2 - simply hit the egg found in the patch of grass right under the slingshot.
2. Level 1-4 - hit the grass nearest to the platform and the golden egg will be revealed.  May I suggest to use the yellow bird to destroy the wooden structure and then use the red bird to bounce its way to the grass, as illustrated below.
3. Level 1-6 - Zoom your yellow bird up in a correct angle to hit the golden egg in the far right portion in a platform in the enemy's territory.

4. Level 1-7 - Bomb the concrete blocks at the back of the platform by firing your white bird backwards and the golden egg is yours.

5. Level 1-8 - hit the TNT hanging under the platform by firing your red bird to the opposite wall and bounce its way to your objective as suggested in the illustration below.

6. Level 1-9 - hit the TNT found at the back of the platform and an egg will appear in the far right side below the platform of the enemy's structure.

7. Level 1-10 - hit the grass in the side just below the slingshot platform using your green bird and an egg on a rope-like made of wood would fall down from the sky.  Don't do anything, it will just break and fall.

8. Level 1-12 - Use the green bird to hit the doughnut hanging in a platform in the farthest right corner.  Then, hit the golden egg that drops.

9. Level 1-15 - Hit the grass patch at the back of the slingshot platform.  And a ball made of wood would appear... you need to destroy it.  Then, eggs will drop down from the sky and break to the ground... followed by a golden egg swinging in the sky... here timing is everything. 

And last but not the least, Summer Pignic... get 2 golden eggs here. 

1. Level 1-3 - Using the white bird, drop a bomb at the rear where the platform of the slingshot stands.  It must be accurate to hit the specific spot (as encircled below in the illustration) and the golden egg is yours.
2. Level 1-14 -  Just like in Go Green, Get Lucky... zoom your yellow bird up in a correct angle to hit the golden egg in the farthest right portion of the platform.  Or you can blow up the TNT near the pile of rocks, if that would be easier for you.  See illustration below.

So that's it... I would most welcome any information or strategy I haven't mentioned here.  Or any correction to what I had just parted.   Enjoy the game and hope to be of help.  Yahweh bless.


  1. i miss playing angry bird! good thing they continuously provides new concepts in the game!

  2. This is interesting. Haven't reached that level in Angry Birds. :) Guess I need more practice. :)

  3. I am a fun or should i say an addict to this game heheheheh

  4. I don't have the EQ to reach the high levels of Angry Birds but it is a really cute game. :D

  5. nice. when i play it, im so absorbed with hitting the pigs.hehe

  6. Will have to share this with my kids, I still see them play with angry birds once in a while. =)

  7. Haha, you are so cute, Sir Ralph.
    I haven't really played Angry Birds that much to know secrets and tips but yours is very informative. =)

  8. nice tutorial. too bad i had to uninstall angry birds from my phone coz i'm running out of memory

  9. Buti na lang I don't play this game or else, maaddict din ako at gagawin lahat ng tips dito.

  10. Amazing how Angry Birds has become a science of sorts. I actually applied some of the tutorials here to get past really pesky levels.

  11. While playing angry birds, there are times that I really want to throw that phone! lol.

  12. I've played angry birds once but I was not that immersed compared when I was playing Plants vs. Zombies. It's a nice way to kill time though.