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Friday, November 4, 2011

Getting To The Angry Birds Fever

I've got pre-installed games when we bought our laptop... my kids got curious if they could play it, so I let them,. Thing is they would usually ask me to play it for them if they can't beat or solve the game (which I enjoy yet get annoyed sometimes especially if I'm busy doing something).

But, having this long vacation, I'm quite struck with this game called "Angry Birds Seasons".  It has the same concept as those of the previous 2 Angry Birds... the Classic and Rio.  For those not so familiar with the game, it really has simple mechanics... birds are provided to you in a specific order, you then use your mouse or touch pad/ screen to stretch the slingshot and release the birds to bump the enemies (pigs, monkeys or an enemy bird... depending on the series you're playing) and/or destroy their structure... You must be able to eliminate all otherwise you lose.

In the Seasons Edition, you can play Angry Birds in different themes, namely Halloween's Trick or Treat, Christmas' Season's Greedings, Valentine's Hogs and Kisses, St. Patrick's Go Green, Get Lucky, Easter's Easter Eggs (which you'll find most of the golden eggs) and Summer's Summer Pignic.

There are seven types of birds in the Seasons series:
  • Red Bird - the most basic type and has no hidden ability... just makes a sound when you click it.  Breaks glass fairly, but doesn't do much with other construction materials.
  • Blue Bird - it has the ability to split into three small projectile in a simple tap on the screen or left click of the mouse.  Especially good in breaking glass constructs.
  • Yellow Bird -With its ability of super speed (still upon tapping of the screen or clicking the mouse), it can reach long distance structures and enemies.  Provides great damage in woods but doesn't do much in materials like glass and stone.
  • Black Bird - the "bomb bird" automatically turns red and explodes when in contact with enemy and it's structure.  Great in any construction material and do massive destruction especially when placed at the bottom.  Just be careful not to tap or click since it also explodes that way.
  • White Bird - it drops an explosive egg upon click or tap and with the right angle, can also be used as a good projectile weapon at the same time.  But when not clicked or tapped, it is just an ordinary projectile bird.  Effective usage would be in structure gaps... for it only destroys the material directly hit by the bomb egg.
  • Green Bird - the "boomerang bird" has the special ability to spin backwards with roughly a double speed.  It is mainly used to destroy the other side of the construction which mostly is its weak spot.  But bear in mind that just like the other birds with special ability, once it touched the enemy or its structure, boomerang function can no longer be activated. 
  • Big Red Bird - otherwise known as "Big Brother Bird".  Upon contact, it gives a good wallop to the enemies and its structure... it does have the same power as the black bird just that, it does not explode.
Here, you need to hit the Christmas wreath to get the golden egg.
There's no technique in playing the game... it's a long trial and error method.  But one thing I can share is how to unlock additional games.  First, is the golden egg... each golden egg you get means an additional game for you.  You just need to find and hit a specific spot or thing (i.e. grass, concrete, egg or something odd) in a particular game, then you'll be prompt by a golden egg appearing in your screen.  Just be watchful for some of these eggs are hidden. 

By the way,  you can find and play the extra game by clicking the eggs located in the last part of the game selections.  You'll earn a star in your eggs when you finish the game successfully.  

And secondly, earning 3 stars in all games in each season unlocks an additional game for you.  You can go to the game by clicking the center piece in a season's page.  As a sample illustration in the left, its an egg with 3 stars.  It has a pale color and isn't accessible when you had not yet accomplish all 3 stars in all games in a season.  Further, the 3 stars will turn yellow/gold in the center image (here, in Easter, is a colorful egg) if you accomplished the game successfully.

So, that will be it.  I hope you enjoy the game especially with your kids.  Me, at first I wasn't that interested, but as the game progressed and I was challenged to get the 3 stars in each game... I started to ask my kids to go and play some physical games... and told them that I have something important to do... then I'm back to the game to get those egg robbing laughing annoying pigs... LOL.

Have a nice day everyone... Yahweh bless.


  1. There's now also orange bird that can be bloated, an ice-blue bird that freezes the blocks and just recently a pink bird that floats the area it hits.

  2. My daughter, nieces and nephew got addicted to angry birds. they said it's a nice game. not me, as I still prefer plants vs zombies.:)

  3. Oh, I've had the Angry Bird Fever too, especially last year. I had it installed on my iTouch and my laptop.. but as time passed, I easily got tired of playing the game. And since there are thousands of apps being developed and put out into the market, I got easily carried away with the other options. :) Nonetheless, my Angry Bird game is still in my laptop.. ready to be played anytime at my convenience. :)

  4. Haha moment right here. My kids ask me to do the same thing - play Angry Birds for them when they're not winning. Kids!

  5. I used to play this Angry Bird game but no high scores. Just enjoying the sound that it makes whenever I stretch the slingshot,release the bird and hit anything.

  6. I like to play angry birds game. But i also addicted plants vs. zombies.

  7. My kids enjoy this game until now...even angry birds space..

  8. Our 4 grand children do love these angry birds. They've loved playing it. I even enjoy seeing them playing.