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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Rainy Birthday

My mother's birthday was a rainy one... since the time I got out from work until I arrived home, it was pouring... it's more likely the effect of the typhoon who currently entered the Philippine vicinity... thanks to His graces, I arrived home safe and sound.

Upon arrival though, a variety of mouthwatering food were already prepared... maybe I was just that hungry from my motorcycle travel of more or less 40 kilometers from work and... wet (lol).  Couldn't wait for the visitors to arrive, I discreetly picked some food (meow)... blame it on Garfield within me... haha.

It was really nice having occasions like this, since this also serves as a reunion to us... especially to our immediate family and nearby relatives.  It's really nice to exchange "how are you's" and "whats up's"... it keeps us updated with the lives of our loved ones... we really value the moments where we get in touch with each other.

As practiced in our country, we value our guests so much. My mom invited some friends from her club. Since the rain was still pouring in the evening and caused most of the main streets flooded, heavy traffic was inevitable, enough reason for some of our visitors to arrive late thus, we had a quite delayed dinner celebration... or was it just that I was so hungry and dying to eat? hehe.

The birthday girl...
Anyway, it ended well... as the rain poured that day, so as I wished that the blessings poured as much to my mom on her day.  Yahweh bless. 


  1. Happy Birthday to your mom! :) Blessing yan (ang ulan). haha

  2. What a wonderful spread - made me feel quite hungry just looking at it! Birthday greetings to your mother!

  3. Wow, looks like a great party with lots of great food! Happy Birthday to you MOM!


  4. Although, it's raining, it's still a blessing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your mom! =)

  5. Happy mother to your mother belated.. Ginutom ako sa food.. Hong Domi! :)