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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Spirits

Back then, in our country, October 31 wasn't really a day to look forward to.  In fact, it was just another ordinary day in the calender, followed by two consecutive holidays... November 1 and 2, All Saints and All Souls Day, respectively.  But as time passed by, television started showing other cultures and ideas which suggested that kids wear scary and fantasy costumes and roam around malls and stores... asking for a "trick or treat"... well, most would be treat I guess... lol.  It's Halloween...

Halloween wasn't really one of our practices, but when I was invited by a friend a few years ago and asked me to bring my kids to go for "trick or treat" in their leased commercial area... I saw my kids enjoy themselves... loving their costumes and most of all... getting goodies and candies... and it was a fun event...since then, my kids have been looking forward to have it again...


In fact, we just came from a nearby mall with our kids... roamed the place and been to every single shop inside... just for some candies... it was tiring that I even thought of buying them candies myself, but then again I thought, where's the fun with that... sometimes I just ask myself silly questions when I get tired... and I just answer it when I start having fun... or having this fulfillment to see a twinkle in the eyes of my children and a smile in their faces... and that's all that matters. 

So well, after a tiring activity with our children, we went straight to... no, not home... it's my  nephew's Ben 10 birthday party.  I definitely needed my power pack then... How I wished I can turn into one of those aliens... "Humungousaur or Spidermonkey" would do, since they seem  to be very energetic to me... haha.  I think parents should sometimes scare off and boo those tiring thoughts away... have a fun-filled Halloween everyone... Yahweh bless.


  1. Halloween is not only for Children. Parents are also part of the big events. It's another way to bond with your family and friends. Happy Halloween!

  2. Wonderful blog! I am gearing up for trick or treating with my kids tonight. UGH. It is raining now. I hope it stops before then. :P Hope you have a remarkable Halloween. I loved your pictures and enjoyed reading about your adventures!


  3. Halloween is NOT my holiday. My husband enjoys this one with the kids--I stay home and hand out the candy. (We go door to door here). It was cold and rainy last night for trick or treat and now I'm chilled to the bone. I hope I warm up a bit before winter settles in!

  4. Cool naman nang post na to. Yung concept nga ng halloween mejo namamana nang Pilipinas now a days..

  5. Indeed guys, to make Halloween much enjoyable for our children... we need to sacrifice ourselves... LOL...

    @jenny... yup, thats what I like most about the affair, hoping Christmas celebration would be the same or a lot better...

    @kathy... hope you had a great time and the rain did stop... i did, just the thought of my kids loving every moment, can't ask for more...

    @jenn... sacrifices and lots of it... hope you felt well and warm hugs filled you upon your kids return...

    @paul... agree, its ok... a very fun event... and i think its here to stay...

    Thanks to all of you, guys... love all your comments... Yahweh bless.