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Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's A Boy!

The long wait and guessing ends.  We finally had a chance to personally witness the gender of the newest member of our family through an ultrasound monitor.  Since she  was already in her 7th month, the gender was a bit clear and very visible... it's another boy!

Even months before, we already had a guess of 80% probability that our baby is a boy, basing on our experience.  Our daughter's movements were more finer and slower than our son's.  And there were just a lot of similarities in my wife's condition when she was having our first son.  More, people around us were thinking the same thing.  My mom told us that my wife's rounded belly indicates that it's a boy and she also noticed that my wife's nose was a little shiny same as when she had our son...

But the OB Gyn told us, that isn't always the case.  And I believe her, since the only reliable source of gender result was the ultrasound.  However, we're right anyway, aren't we?  LOL.

So, it's another boy, another one who will try to strangle me until I can no longer breathe and who would ask me to give him a horse ride in my back until I'm wasted.  Worst, play a physical game with me and gets me on my weakest spot.  Just thinking of it, gives me the creeps.  Oh what the heck, it's a great way to die.  I guess I just have to prepare more rugs to wipe out the scribbles on the wall, before my wife kills me... hahaha.

Kidding aside, I really don't have any gender issue, whether a boy or girl.  I was just thankful to the Lord that everything's well with my wife and our baby, as the result showed.  Yahweh bless.