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Thursday, September 13, 2012

As A Freelance Writer

If your looking for someone to write some articles in your behalf but you don't want to engage in a very complicated terms or contract, you might be looking for the likes of Lawrence Reaves, a freelance writer.  Like him, I'm proud to say that my wife is also writing articles for a foreign company.  She is earning a few bucks doing so, but what matters is that she is enjoying what she's doing and gaining knowledge from it.

Wifey doing some assignments...
More, the topics offered to her are somewhat related to her course in college.  So, it isn't that hard for her to collect her ideas and insights about certain topics and how to put them into writings.  While for the unfamiliar topics, she relies on the net and books for research and information.  It isn't really hard for her to search the net, being familiar with the topic's terminologies and what-abouts.

She considers this as her pastime, so she just limits herself to 3 articles (with a maximum of 500 words/article) per week.  Just enough to give a quality result without sacrificing her time for our family.  Anyway, it's not really about the money, but the satisfaction we get in our continued growth in knowledge and in expressing our shared passion in writing.  It's somehow fulfilling to be able to finish and publish or post an article that may be of help to others, one way or another.

We just hope that our Lord continues to guide our hands, hearts and minds, that He may lead us in writing beneficial posts not only for our sake but for the sake of others. Yahweh bless.


  1. yeah, sharing valuable information is important on the internet. we are all providing therapy for each other to help one another with life's problems.

    1. It's good when husband and wife share the same passion. They can talk a lot of things and they can spend more time together. More power to both of you!

  2. Hi I'm really.interested in where to get such typing jobs. Kindly inform me. Thanks :)

  3. Wow. Only 3 articles less than 500 words a week. How much do you earn from it? Try joining They give you an upfront payment of $5 and they also give you performance payments. They give you 100% income on Google Adsense! It is like your own site but you need to post quaity articles of not less than 800 words.

  4. Yes, it is nice to do freelance writing works and at the same time it helps you sharpen your writing skills and english.

  5. They call it writing because you want to write and share to others. That's noble enough for me.

  6. This is nice, you are not only gaining and earning but you have the more time pa with your family... No pressure at all.... I want to write but geez I get headaches in research.

  7. Freelance writing is a good way to share your thoughts as well as making money for yourself too. This is the new trend now as internet has evolved dramatically.

  8. I've always wanted to try my hands on freelance writing again. I've done writing works before, but I gave up after a while. 5 to 10 300 to 500-word articles in 3 days is really tiring for me and my brain.

    Anyway, glad your wife enjoys what she's doing and earning at the same time. More power to you both!

  9. You and your wife are gifted with writing skills. At least you truly understand each others interests and in that way you share the same passion.

  10. It's always a good thing to get paid for doing something you want and enjoy...