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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hours To Go Before Christmas

There's just a lot of things going on, mom's preparing her all time favorite and masterpiece, macaroni salad. The kids are busy singing  their favorite songs in the videoke! I can't help but be excited as well...
Christmas is just hours away, everybody is busy doing just about anything! busy yet happy, as evidenced by their laughters...
Relaxing... "hanep"...(LOL)
There are carolers from time to time... households are already busy preparing for the grand event, cleaning houses, fixing things and cooking food maybe for the noche buena... some are still on the move, maybe for the last day shoppings or groceries... well, everyone seems to be busy minding their own business right now.

Well, for us... the gifts are all wrapped and placed under our tree... and the kids are already very excited to open them, but we told them they need to wait a few more hours and sleep tonight, so by midnight they'll finally open their Christmas presents... 
... when it comes to the food for the noche buena, they are already cooked or half cooked, just to make it easy to prepare and just to steam it a little bit as the clock strikes 12 midnight... soft drinks are already chilled in the ref... and meats are already tenderized and marinated...
... the house had been cleaned as it is nice to celebrate the season with a pleasant surroundings... good aura... my wife keeps on reminding me not to let the children mess up the room us she's still going to work (bummer, but whats great is, she'll be able to join us to celebrate Christmas...) and I'll be left with the kids (lol)...

Me, though I'm still not yet 100% recovered from being sick which started a few days ago, I'm just glad that I'm well enough to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends.  Considering there are those who sadly can't and more, hardly have any... brought by the recent calamity that hit our country... seems I don't have the slightest reason to complain... rather be thankful of how blessed I am in a lot of ways.

Everything is pretty set, Christmas spirit is everywhere.  I guess, the only thing that's missing are the traditional fireworks since it is banned in our city to avoid  accidents. Well, whether there are fireworks or none, It's still a happy and sweet Christmas for everyone! Cheers! Yahweh bless.


  1. aha!so priparado jud ka karon Ralph?Merry Christmas...:)

  2. mao jud bai, nahutdan mi last year sa videoke... nagpareserve dyud mi sayo pa (LOL)... hope okay inyong Christmas preparations, Ben... Yahweh bless.

  3. Merry Christmas po sa inyo kuya Ralph. This season is indeed full of traditions like gift giving and luscious food and the happy days.. But we should not forget the essence of this season. ^_^ Regalo ko po?? hehe

  4. Merry Christmas
    And more blessings for 2012.. ^_^

    Napadaan para bumati :)

  5. Everybody is excited to welcome Christmas in your place. The tradition in preparing for the coming of Christmas does still observe by most of the people, especially in your place, sans fireworks. What is the excitement all about: the noche buena, I think. Anyway, Merry Christmas!

    My latest blog: December Night in La Carlota

  6. wow meri x'mas ralph! Gift giving, magdamag na videoke, daming food, inuman,,,, once in a year na part ng pasko sa pinas,,, hay sarap!

  7. Merry Christmas Ralph to you and your family~!

    Penge ng macaroni salad ng mom mo ! Ha ha ha!
    At pakanta na rin ng isa sa videoke!

    Greetings from

  8. the preparation can be stressful but fun :)

    Merry Christmas from RJ's Mama