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Monday, December 19, 2011

Her Artistic Side

Working with her cupcakes...
My daughter had a week long excitement just to be in the cupcake decoration contest held recently at an establishment here in Davao City.  On the site she and her classmates were delighted by the various cupcake decors, there were chocolate syrup and bits, icings and marshmallows to name a few. They  were supposed to compete with other schools but maybe due to the bad weather that day, it turned out that they would have to challenge each others ability instead.

During the competition proper, the artistic side of my daughter surfaced.  She always had been fascinated in mixing up things and creating accessories like necklaces and bracelets.   She decorated the three cupcakes given to her wonderfully and chose the best one for the competition.

As the program progressed to the announcement of winners, her name wasn't called but I was so proud of her that she acted maturely like being a true sport.  She told me that maybe her work wasn't good enough as that of the winners... yet I told her, that might what the judges saw, but for me there is only one winner and that is her.. and she told me that I can only say that because I'm her father.

Her marvelous creation..
Yah well, maybe I'm biased alright... but I just can't hide how proud I am... knowing she did a great job... gave her best shot... showed her creativity... played it fair and best of all, did it by herself.  My daughter's artistic side.  Yahweh bless.


  1. She is not only sport but a well mannered girl probably like her parents. She may not win but for parents like us ,our children are the real winners.

  2. My daughter wants to become a chef some day. I'm not sure how she's going to do it though. At her age, she actually is afraid to turn the stove on and off. LOL. I can imagine how proud you must have felt during that competition. Congratulations! :D

  3. I think you have to invest in enrolling her to baking classes. :) Congratulations to having an artistic child.

  4. @tess, couldn't agree more.

    @maricel, that's really cool, just hope she's being watched by an adult doing that (lol), maybe she will be a chef... we're so proud, cel.

    @michy, lol... we'll think about it, if our budget allows... hahaha

    thanks guys... Yahweh bless.

  5. Wow congrats! Ur a proud dad,,, sarap isupport kpag nakikita na ur daughter is enjoying wat she does...

  6. explore her more to contests and other creative activities, soon she will gain more confidence...and ur right for parents, their child is always number one no matter what...

  7. wow cupcake!!! imagine how you've been creative with a cupcake... hope to see more of your works soon