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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Avoiding A Christmas Stress

As the holidays are fast approaching, let me just give some suggestions, though these might be common sense but due to our busy and fast lifestyle, we tend to forget and we just need to be reminded... 

Plan Ahead.  Decisions should be way ahead from the holiday.  Know what you're going to prepare for the Noche Buena so you can make a list of ingredients you're going to buy especially those you can store.

Buy within your budget.  You can have a long list of things you want to buy but there's just a limit on what you can actually buy.  Let's face it, our resources are limited and bringing out your credit card won't do you any good... so buy within your means.

Learn to voice out.  Participate in the group decision making, especially in exchanging gifts and other forced contributions.  If you have trouble with your finances, you can always suggest to lower gift limits or amount contributed... if there's a need, then explain.

Don't join the Christmas rush.  There are lots of days to buy the things you need for the holiday season.  Depending on your budget, buy already the things you need most especially the bulky and heavy ones... and those ingredients you can store, so you'll just have to buy the highly perishable goods.

Prioritize.  Distinguish what you need from what you want... except of course if your wallet's that big.  Buying ahead of time affects your daily expenses... and prioritizing what you buy would greatly help.

Have a good storage area.  Make sure that all the things you bought are properly stored.  You might want to inform your household about it... so they can ask permission and you'll know if some of the goods are used ahead so that you can replace them.

Family ties.  Make use of our Filipino customs.  Ask your family or relatives to have a common celebration by which everyone would have their own particular contribution.

Celebrate it simple.  Christmas don't have to be extravagant.  You don't need to overly fill your house with decoration and prepare too much food... make it just enough for you to appreciate it... 

Remember that Christmas comes once every year.  Don't be a "kill joy" and avoid troubles.  Keep your cool and have a spirit of the season.  Be kind to carolers and let your neighbors enjoy themselves.  Also, enjoy but do all things in moderation especially when drinking intoxicating beverages.  

We should not pressure and stress ourselves for Christmas for it defeats the true meaning of it... the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, for whom we are unitedly joined together to celebrate... and that's what matters most. Good luck and Yahweh bless.


  1. nice idea, an eye opener to everyone....

  2. nice idea, an eye opener to everyone...

  3. thank you for your reminders on this! I am always a victim of the Christmas rush but for this year, I will not be onto it since will be out of the country to spend my holidays, by God's will.

    Thanks for this one bro!

  4. We've had a good year--and we aren't running around at the last minute fighting crowds and over spending. I love as you can shop from home and look at your shopping cart ahead of purchase to make sure you are within the budget. For me--it is about the time spent with the family--seeing joy on my loved-ones faces--and building traditions to pass on to my kids, which include celebrating the Gift G-d gave this world--all so we could have a relationship with Him!!

    Cheers, Jenn.

  5. It's been 5 years since the last time I spent christmas with my family in the Philippines. They dont celebrate christmas here since they have their own holiday called Hanuka. But then, thanks for the tips. Hope to be there on Christmas next year. :)

  6. Good advice, but no problems for me this year, I'm off to Florida!

  7. Hello there! Stumbled upon your blog from Bloggers. Nice blog you have. Keep the posts coming. :)

  8. Thanks for the reminder. For the first time in years, I have no stress. Hmmm...I wonder if it is because I actually have a real job that has given me a real life and actually money to pay my bills and celebrate the holidays!

  9. don't forget the sole reason why we celebrate Christmas, it's the birth of Christ...and any stress will be love love!

  10. Hala wla p nga pla aq gifts n nabibili;) nice post tnx for the tips


    Nag Christmas shopping ako kanina before going back to the province next week. Went 500 pesos over my budget.

    Oh well, all for the good of the people I love.

  12. this is a very helpful list ... thanks for posting!

  13. We have no Christmas stress in Brunei. No Christmas party, no Christmas rush, no need to plan,no storage needed and no need to prioritize. Haha!

    You have a very good list here Ralph, I should book mark this for future use and click +1.

  14. Naku, tamang tama para sa akin ito. I hope I'd learn how to prioritize and budget my money sa dami ng gusto bigyan eh.. :)

  15. Indeed this is a very helpful list.

    And you're right no to credit cards!

  16. This is an excellent post, Ralph! Things that people need to take to heart. :-) I am tweeting this :-) And while I am here, I will wish you a wonderful Christmas! any blessings to you and yours :-)