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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tips and basics about the Honda XR 200 motorcycle

My XR200 had been with me since 2004. Based on my experience with it (which I learned the hard and somewhat embarrassing way), I would like to share with you some of the basics about it and tips that might be of help:

Ø       Read the Honda XR200 manual.
Ø        The XR seat is about 851 mm (33.5 inches) high (so how long are your legs?).  You might consider this, an XR is pretty heavy.  But hey, if you’re a risk taker… I knew many.
Ø       The XR has an ignition switch in the right of its handle bar to put it to start (should I still tell you to turn it on using its key?), being a 200, it does not have a kick starter. So it depends a lot on its battery. But don’t worry, if incase your battery is weak and your XR won’t start, grip your clutch, set your XR to 2nd gear, ask someone to give you a push, then apply some gas as you loosen your grip on your clutch.  If you’re not confident doing this, ask someone you trust.  Though I don’t recommend this but hey it’ll come handy.
Ø        Based on the manual, the XR’s tank can contain 9 liters of gasoline (estimated 7 liters before you reached the tank’s reserve).  I calculate my consumption as to 30 kilometers per liter to be safe (however, it is estimated to be 35-38 km/L), so it would be alarming if I already reached near the 270 kilometers mark in my odometer counter after a full tank.
Ø       Gasoline and battery is good, in fact, it just had its tune up, but it won’t start… you might accidentally switched the “engine stop”. Just switch it on.

Ø       The XR is hard to start especially if not used for a while, the trick is the switching your choke on for a head start. Just don’t forget to turn it off.  The choke lever is located underneath your tank.

Ø     You’re riding your XR and suddenly it stops and you’re sure you have gasoline, before you call your mechanic (which I did), you might want to check if your gasoline tank valve is off… turn it on or put it in reserve (in case you just thought you had a fill).

Ø       If it still won’t start, you might want to check your spark plug.  You have tools in your tool case at the rear part of your XR. You can use it to remove your spark plug.  Clean it.  If it still won’t start (hey you did everything you can), you can now call your mechanic for help (do I have to tell you to have a cell phone and save your mechanic’s number in your contacts? Haha…) 

Ø   This happened to me, someone took/stole my spark plug cap (ganun na siguro kahirap ang buhay). Don’t worry; just connect the black wire directly to your spark plug and your good to go.  But buy a replacement for your spark plug cap.  It is there for a reason.

Ø      Through surfing the net and own experience, you’ll find this informative: After 500kms, you can run 80kph. At 850kms, you can run at 100kph so your engine won’t be sluggish. Tune-up is every 3000kms (from brand new up to 2-years old XR), just keep changing the oil every 1000-1500kms. This frequent change oil will make your engine run smoothly, snappier and have a longer life (based on experience, the longer the distance you travel every day, the earlier you must change your oil). Use a liter of 20w-50 or 20w-40 of 4-stroke oil (any brand will do).
Ø      Keep your chain oiled or greased.  It might look dirty but it would surely save you money.
Ø      For tire pressure, it really depends on the road you travel and preference. For me, I usually have this: front tire (25-28 psi), rear tire (30-35 psi).
Hope I shared something useful and I’m glad to be of help.  I’m open to any comment or additional information.  God bless.


  1. I guess I can't handle this motorcycle...I have become too comfortable with my automatic honda scoopy i model...just have to turn it on and go... :)

  2. HIndi ata bagay sa akin magmotor sana may scooter tips rin

  3. these are great tips for motorcycle enthusiast... I've never own a bike but I've always wanted to get one...

  4. great tutorial unfortunately I am a girl

  5. I don't know much about motorcycles but reading the manual really works. ^_^

  6. How do u change the rear shock on xr 200 1997 honda dirtbike

    1. if you're not a MC honda authorized mechanic, i suggest you look for one. safety means more than a little savings... Yahweh bless.

  7. for me no problem with the xr-200 without any foot crank for starting I acquired my xlr200 from 1998 up to present with no problem about the starter, only good maintenance of the carbon brush of the starter motor and good maintenance of the charging system make sure that the voltage regulator and a rectifier are okay on which it is the one charging the batt and supplying power to the cdi. As of your information the xr-200 has a good electrical system, it is different from the xrm,I have a complete electrical diagram of my xlr-200 or xr-200 when I bought my unit before, being an elect'l engineer by profession I check the circuit.