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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Our Justin's Day

It's the first time we celebrated our son's birthday here in Houston.  It may not be the same as what he used to have back in Davao, where we had his cousins and relatives with us to celebrate this special occasion... but still he had us, his family, and that's what mattered the most. 

It was just us, no friends and relatives, so we prepared food just enough for us.  Good thing we had Jollibee (the only one in Texas) and the newly opened Red Ribbon near our place, where we got his cake and pasta.  We also bought some turkey legs and crabs from a nearby market.  But it wasn't the food that excited him the most, so after blowing the candle on his cake, he immediately asked to open his presents... and he wasn't disappointed, we gave him something we knew he had been missing since we got here... a scooter.  We're very glad that he's happy.

How we wished he celebrated it with his cousins and friends back home... but our life is here now.  And for now, we just need to stick together as a family.  I know how he longs to have a kids party as we used to have... and we would love to make it happen for him... but we can't for the moment...

To our dearest Justin, we are so proud of you.  Since we got here, you've always been brave in going to school... didn't hear a single worry from you, always been positive.  Your thoughtfulness never fails to amaze us...  You always think of your siblings, not only yourself.  Like when buying stuffs, you always see that we would also buy one for them.  It costs us a little bit (that's the downfall), but we're just glad you are thinking of them.  You maybe a little naughty (makulit, malikot and may katigasan ang ulo) sometimes... but we know it's because of your age.  We maybe just only expecting you to act more responsible since you are already a kuya.  But it's okay son, just remind us that you're still 7. hehehe.

Happy Birthday, anak... We love you as always.  Yahweh bless. 


  1. I hope you all will able to keep up the good work as well. Thanks dude.

  2. What a beautiful celebration--and recollection of it. It's so hard to not be with family. He is a brave little soul--and you two are brave also. The courage it took to pack up and move to a new country! Hugs and blessings...

  3. Children is the best every person can have in his life. Though not all think so, but I do, I think you have a nice boy and want to wish, that he always makes you proud of him.