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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve Without You

We're used to spending Christmas eve with our families and relatives back in the Philippines... with the traditional Noche Buena and the opening of gifts as the clock strikes 12 midnight.  And this will be our very first Christmas away from them.  More, as much as we want to celebrate it together, sometimes there are things in life we can't avoid, like my wife being scheduled for work today, and she'll be staying there until tomorrow.

After dropping  her to work, me and my kids had a simple dinner and stayed up until passed 12 midnight.  It was really unusual for my family to have a silent Christmas... well there's first for everything, I guess.  December 24 used to be the busiest day of the year for us... with all the preparations for the grand eve... And now, how I missed those children who annoyingly kept on returning to our house with their familiar jingles but incomprehensible lyrics.   

But come to think of it, I should not feel this way... I'm still in luck that I get to spend Christmas with the kids. I know, spending Christmas day with strangers rather than your family is hard... And I know you're wishing that you're with us right now... thinking and missing us. But then you had to do all these sacrifices since you are called to do your role as a nurse... and that makes us really proud.

Well, tomorrow we'll be spending the whole day together and celebrate.  So time to hit the bed.  See you soon, sweetheart... Hope everything is well at work right now... And Merry Christmas... Hugs and kisses from the kids... Yahweh bless.


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