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Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Parties And Celebrations

Just a few days ago, we joined the Christmas party of Filipino nurses in my wife's hospital.  It's a little bit awkward at first since these people already knew each other for years and we were the new ones in the group.  My wife wasn't alone though, there were 3 other new nurses along with us.  But as we got to know them, it wasn't that bad.  And besides, wouldn't it be much easier to get along with your fellow countrymen, right?

The event was held in an Brazilian restaurant located at Westheimer Rd. here in Houston.  It had a valet parking so I'm expecting that the food inside would really cost us... but then, it's not as if we're gonna eat there often.  Again, it'll be our first time to try their food.  They were more on grilled steaks and seafood, so it's pretty much safe... for me. 

The cool thing about Chama Gaúcha (the restaurant), was they have this card where you flip on the green side, and their waiters will come to you and offer various grilled meats.  And you can take anything you want.  Then, if you want them to stop offering you, just flip the card on the red side.  The only thing was, a lot of the steaks were medium rare and there's still blood when you cut the meat.  I'm more of a "well done" person when it comes to grilled meat... LOL.  So, more seafood here please.

Here's the card...
Here's a slice...
And this is what  I was talking about.  LOL!!!

Yesterday, we were also invited by a family my wife knew, to celebrate Christmas with them.  They were friends of her parents.  It's a bit far from us but I'm getting used to driving in the freeway already.  It's really a blessing that we're having this moment with them since we still hadn't celebrated the occasion together as a family.  More, they prepared a lot of Filipino foods that made us feel near to home.  But what's truly priceless was seeing our kids enjoying themselves, playing with the other kids of other invited families.  Great to feel not only the cold breeze of air but also the spirit of the season.  Merry Christmas.  Yahweh bless. :)


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