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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Exploring Houston Zoo

It was our first time to visit the Houston Zoo.  Our new family friend invited us here for an enjoyable treat for the kids (and for the kids at heart, hehehe).  By the time we got in Hermann Park Conservancy (where the zoo is located), the place was already jam-packed.  Our friends simply explained to us that it was the start of the spring-break and we should had came early.  And so, we improvised (and a tip to everyone): instead of wasting our fuel roaming around to find a vacant parking lot, we parked in a nearby shopping center.

We paid for the zoo's regular entrance fee: $15 for the adult, $11 for each kid, and free for the infant.  There were maps provided so one can easily get in touch with their favorite animal (the place kindly remind us of Singapore Zoo).  There were also animal shows, information and story-telling, and interactions (like feeding bears and lions, just kidding!!!).  And by the way, if you get hungry, they're selling food inside (just don't expect it's at the regular price).  Overall, it was a nice experience.  The kids enjoyed their stay (especially the sea lion show) ... and I think that's what matters most.

One more thing, when you are in downtown Houston, there's a lot of railways crossing the streets (so be very careful).  I emphasized this since when we were on board a train going to the shopping center where we parked our cars, it hit a car injuring a kid.  Good thing the train was able to apply brakes which prevented a worst-case scenario.  Just a friendly reminder: trains always have the "right of way" and they can't apply break easily like a normal car does.  Light rail trains are quieter than most buses and cars, so stay alert.  And never try beating a train to a crossing, it won't do you anything good.  Information were taken from the Texas Driver's Handbook I'm reading right now... preparing for my license test.

We hadn't stayed long (even if we wanted to).  It's getting late and we still had one place to go before we head home, and we wouldn't want to let go of the opportunity... Jollibee, South Main street (the only one in Houston).  I ordered the chicken-spaghetti meal.  There's a lot of McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King(s), Pizza Hut(s), etc.  But unlike Jollibee, none of them offers rice/spaghetti meals, palabok and halo-halo (among others)... and more "Chicken Joy" and "Yum Burgers" captures the taste, we Filipinos, are used to.  And if you want to meet our "kababayans", this is the place you should go.  Truly nostalgic!!!

We arrived home tired but the day's trips were worth it.  We again thank our Lord for keeping us safe throughout the day and for blessing us with friends that helped us with so many things.  Yahweh bless.


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