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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Building Confidence In Driving

I had my driving license for quite a while now (referring to my Philippine driver's license).  I had it since 2003, but most of those times I was using it to drive my motorcycle.  It was just these past few months that I had been practicing to drive on 4 wheels.  So that would explain how the butterflies in my stomach rumble when I'm driving here in Texas... not to mention, the unfamiliar destinations and driving rules, add up to the pressure.  I just keep on telling myself... it's a need... it's for my family.

After driving just around the vicinity of our apartment, the following day I was already driving my wife to the nearest bus stop (around 4 miles away from home)... with cold feet and hands (and it's not only the weather that's causing it).  And after a couple of days more, been to much further places with the help of new friends from wifey's work.  We convoyed going to central Houston first... and then I did it by myself using the service highway "Feather road" (which I didn't get it at first because they were pronouncing it as "fida road").  I felt much safer driving at the side of the freeway for now.  I still need to find my confidence in running there in the speed of light along with the other cars.

Been making short trips around the nearby area here in Pasadena and Houston as the need arises.  At least now, we're able to visit a church (just that we were on a Spanish time slot).  But the purpose of our visit was still served... we got to pray (and though unexpected, we were grateful enough that our car had been blessed by their priest).  Also, we were able to finally go to a wet market (which was miles away from us), just to buy fresh fish (nearby stores only offer frozen or canned ones).  And finally got to go to the Social Security Office for my SS number (which I'll be needing in a lot of transaction here as well as applying for a job).  Confidence to drive much further really made a big difference and gave us convenience to serve our needs.

and here's the fish... LOL!!!

And just recently, used the tollway at Belt 8 when we returned home from a sleepover visit in a friends house in Humble.  But I would have chosen another way if were not in convoy with our friends.  Everything went well and we got home safely (thank God...).  

Then again, we have something to look forward to... since our new friends were offering that they will accompany and tour us around the Houston zoo one of these days (definitely will write a post about it).  For now, I just am thanking the Lord for giving me the strength and confidence I needed in driving my family... for the safe trips we had and we will have.  I know that soon I'll have the courage to face the freeway by myself.  But I'll do that as soon as I'm sure... for my family's safety.  Yahweh bless.



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